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Inferno! 34

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Inferno! Issue Thirty Four
Blood Angels
Editor(s) Christian Dunn, Matt Ralphs
Staff Lynne Gardner, Kerry Mitchell
Contributor(s) Dan Abnett, Jonathan Green, Graham McNeill, Si Spurrier, Stu Taylor
Cover Artist Phillip Sibbering
Illustrator(s) Simon Davis, Nigel Dobbyn, Darius Hinks, Karl Richardson
Publisher Marc Gascoigne for Black Library
Released January/February 2003
Pages 66
ISBN 1-84154-251-2
Additional information Invaluable Help: Lindsey Priestly, Dan Drane
Preceded by Inferno! Issue Thirty Three
Followed by Inferno! Issue Thirty Five

Issue Thirty Four of Inferno! features short stories and comics from the worlds of Warhammer 40,000 & Warhammer Fantasy.

This issue contains:

In Warhammer 40,000

In Warhammer Fantasy


Inferno! Issue Thirty Four

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