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Inferno cannon

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Inferno Cannons from various Imperial vehicles: 1-Dreadnought, 2,3Hellhounds

The Inferno Cannon is a huge, vehicle mounted Flame Weapon. It is used by the Imperial Guard on the Hellhound tank[1] and can also be equipped on Space Marine Dreadnoughts.[Needs Citation]

The cannon can hit targets up to 150 yards away.[2] The amount of damage it does is magnified by the explosive force it is fired with. It causes fear amongst those enemies that face it, and rightly so. The sheer amount of flame that leaves the vehicle is immense, enough to melt through most armour and even some defensive structures. The tank has to carry large barrels of Promethium, making it extremely volatile, especially under explosive fire.[1]

When it fires, the vehicle must not be moving, as a disastrous back wash of flame would fry everyone inside the vehicle. The crew are often seen as pyromaniacs.[Needs Citation]

The Immolator tank of the Sisters of Battle uses twin-linked Heavy Flamers which produces a similar effect.[Needs Citation]



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