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Ingethel the Ascended[2]

Ingethel, also known as Ingethel the Ascended, is a Daemon Prince of Chaos. Ingethel was originally a native to Cadia and was appointed by the Gods of Chaos to guide Lorgar during The Pilgrimage. After Ingethel revealed the Primordial Truth to Lorgar, she herself ascended to Daemonhood following 10 human sacrifices which included Vendatha, a member of the Adeptus Custodes.[1a] Later, Ingethel the Ascended led the Serrated Sun Chapter of the Word Bearers into the Great Eye where the failure of the Eldar Empire was witnessed first hand. Ingethel informed the Word Bearers that the Eldar failed and suffered the Fall because at the moment of their ascension they were unable to accept the Primordial Truth. They gave birth to a god of pleasure and promise, yet they felt no joy.[1b] After showing the Serrated Sun the Primordial Truth, Ingethel guided Lorgar through the Eye of Terror and showed him former worlds of the Eldar.[3] Later, Ingethel appeared in the court of Horus after he had fallen to Chaos.[2]

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