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Ingo Pech

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Ingo Pech[3]

Ingo Pech was First Captain of the Alpha Legion during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1]


Like many within the Legion, he was cosmetically modified to resemble his Primarch Alpharius Omegon and would often play the role of Alpharius to others. According to an account given by Alpharius which is said to be a lie, Pech was one of the Alpha Legionaries who worked closest with the Primarch during the days before his formal "rediscovery". Alongside Mathias Herzog, it was Pech who recommended that Alpha Legionaries change their appearance to match that of Alpharius.[4a] During this time he was "promoted" to frequently serving as Alpharius in the Primarch's stead.[4b]

Pech, along with Alpharius, Omegon, and Thias Herzog, all played the role of Alpharius to John Grammaticus when they learned of the Cabal and their mission to influence the Horus Heresy.[1] Pech was later seen subordinated to Harrowmaster Kel Silonius, commanding forces in the Battle of Pluto.[2]

At some point, Pech was dispatched by an unknown party to aid the Emperor during the Siege of Terra. His hypno-trigger phrase "Xenophon" was activated, as opposed to "Sagittary" (loyalty to Horus), Paramius (mutual annihilation), or "Orphaeus" (ignore both sides and focus on battling Chaos). However he soon fell under the control of the witch Actae, who used her psychic powers to activate "Orphaeus" and make him her slave. Now going by "Alpharius", Actae and Pech were able to join Ollanius Persson, John Grammaticus, and their group in infiltrating the Imperial Palace. At a hidden Alpha Legion arms cache in the depths of the Imperial Dungeon, Pech was able to activate a psi-dampening device he found to explain his plight to John Grammaticus, pleading for help.[5a] John agreed to help Pech, and the First Captain saved the Perpetual from an attack by Alpha Legion 2nd Captain Mathias Herzog, who had been sent under the trigger "Sagittary"[5b]

Later, John was able to neutralize Pech by attaching a motion-sensitive mine to him while he dealt with Actae. However even after he came to an agreement to Actae, John knew Pech was too dangerous to be left free after his trigger was activated. John pledged to one day return and free Pech as he and the rest of the group left to journey to the Golden Throne. However, Pech was left standing there motionless long, long after Grammaticus departed.[5c]