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Primaris Space Marine Initiate (9th Edition)[3]

Initiates are the rank-and-file warriors of the Black Templars, analogous to the Battle Brothers of other Chapters.[4]


Upon completing their training as a Neophyte, a Black Templar is then elevated to Initiate and dons both full Power Armour and the Black Carapace. Many continue to fight amongst their previous Crusader Squads while others take on specialist roles such as Aggressor, Incursors, Outriders, Assault Marines, etc.. In Black Templars culture, Initiates generally gravitate towards the most aggressive and close-quarters battlefield roles.[4]

In addition to their combat roles, Initiates also are given a Neophyte to act as their squire and student. It is they who will train them and oversee their coming trials, and along with the Chaplains determine when the Neophyte is ready to ascend to Initiate himself.[4]



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