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Innocence Proves Nothing (Novel)

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Innocence Proves Nothing
Author Sandy Mitchell
Publisher Black Library
Series Dark Heresy
Preceded by Scourge the Heretic
Released 2009
Pages 416
Editions 2009 softcover:
ISBN 9781844166770

Innocence Proves Nothing is the second novel in the Dark Heresy novel series by Sandy Mitchell.

Cover Description

With Kyrlock and Elyra inflitrating the network of rogue psykers, the rest of the team start investigating the xenos artefact smuggling ring. As the operatives work their way deeper into the two criminal organisations, they unravel clues that suggest they might both be part of one greater evil. With danger at every turn, and paranoia running rife, can the Inquisition figure out what is going on before the Scintilla system is overrun by heretics?


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