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Inquisitor (film)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the movie. For other uses of Inquisitor, see Inquisitor (disambiguation).
Captain Darius - screenshot from the Inquisitor movie[Needs Citation]

Inquisitor, the movie, tells the story of Space Marine Captain Darius of the Dark Angels and his command squad who join Inquisitor Krieger in solving the mystery of a strange key.[Needs Citation]


In 1996, for the 25th Anniversary Games Day, Games Workshop released (for limited sale) a short movie entitled Inquisitor. This movie was created using clips and footage that had been created as a pitch to Games Workshop for a movie deal. There were also trailers for two other films, Hive Infestation and Blood for the Blood God. Hive Infestation pitted Space Wolf Terminators against a Genestealer cult infestation of a Hive world. Blood for the Blood God portrayed Orks and Dark Angel Space Marines fighting along with an Inquisitor.[Needs Citation]

Production credits[Needs Citation]

Director - Tom Lauten
Producers - Andy Jones (for Games Workshop) and Tom Lauten
Writers - Andy Jones and Tom Lauten

Also starring:

Camera - Tom Lauten
Digital Effects Supervisor - Neil South
Music and Sound Effects - Alex Ward
Production Manager- Keith Dando
Studio - Bright Light Productions