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Inquisitor: Conspiracies - Heavenfall

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Inquisitor: Conspiracies - Heavenfall is a third and last book in the Inquisitor: Conspiracies series - a supplement to the narrative skirmish game Inquisitor based on Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 Universe.

Inquisitor: Conspiracies - Heavenfall
Designer Andy Hall
Phil Kelly
Manufacturer Games Workshop
Released 2004
Scale 54 mm
Preceded by Inquisitor: Conspiracies - Death of an Angel

From the Back Cover

The world of Equinox was once a beautiful and verdant Eldar Maiden World. That is until the Imperium arrived and soon the toxic rain came, destroying and rotting all the once-glorious landscapes. Now a strange group of nobles calling themselves the Restoration wish to bring Equinox back to its former glory, but at what cost?[1]

This supplement contains[1]

  • 2 complete campaigns comprising of 10 unique game scenarios and 12 narrative chapters
  • A detailed overview of the Equinox Adventurescape including special rules for the different eclipses
  • Descriptions of important characters, organisations and history of the Graia Sector.[1]