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Inquisitorial Fortress

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Inquisitorial Fortresses are vast complexes utilized by the Inquisition as bases of operations in any given region of the Imperium. Scattered around the Imperium, some of these fortresses are known while others remain secret. Most fortresses hold prison cells, torture chambers, research laboratories, defensive bastions, armouries, and stores of supplies. Each fortress is guarded by Inquisitorial Storm Troopers. These Storm Troopers are supported by stocks of Rhinos, Chimeras, and Valkyrie gunships to provide Inquisitors with a core of well-trained, well-equipped troops. In addition, a fortress will maintain an armoury of vehicles, and these are issued to Storm Troopers or can be issued directly to the Inquisitor himself as a personal transport for him and his retinue.[1]

Known Worlds with Inquisitorial Fortresses