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A variety of Inquisitorial Henchmen

Acolytes, Inquisitorial Henchmen, or Agents are the followers an Inquisitor often keeps to aid him in his duties. These can range from combat specialists and psykers to data recorders and scouts. Many of the people an Inquisitor keeps are exceptional in their devotion and skills and are often discovered during the Inquisitor's activities. Often they are one-off attachments, but if they show particular skills then they may be asked to attach themselves to the Inquisitor permanently. Most Inquisitors keep only a handful of helpers relevant to their current mission, but some keep larger numbers, often spread throughout a large area, which can be called upon at any time.[1]


  • High Interrogator - A senior rank of Interrogator, but still short of full Inquisitorial status.[12]
  • Interrogator - The second stage for an Inquisitor in training. Interrogators are both capable and strong, having a tremendous will to survive battle alongside their mentors.[1]
  • Explicator - The first step of an Inquisitor in training, they learn how to extract information using torture under the direction of their mentor Inquisitor.[1]
  • Legate Investigator - Some Ordos, such as the Ordos Calixis, make use of Acolytes gifted with a formal carta of inquiry and a Sigil of Question, giving them the formal authority of the Inquisition for the duration of a particular investigation.[6b]
  • Prime - The lead Acolyte of a Warband.[6c]
  • Throne Agent - The most trusted members of an Inquisitor's retinue, Throne Agents have ascended to join the ranks of the Inquisition itself, and have both power and responsibility accordingly.[7b]
  • Trusted Acolyte - Often given positions of responsibility, such as running an Inquisitor's facilities while they are away or operating in long-term undercover operations.[5b]
  • Proven Acolyte - After a cell has completed several successful missions, they are inducted more fully into the workings of the Inquisition and can operate more interdependently.[5b]
  • Acolyte - Servants and aids of Inquisitors. Though not of the rank of Inquisitors, they are nonetheless considered agents of the Inquisition.[5b]


In theory, almost any type of Imperial citizen can be seconded by an Inquisitor for service to the Inquisition. Some of the most frequently found archetypes are listed below.


An Interrogator

Some Acolytes are unique positions only found within the Inquisition, such as Interrogators who act as their Inquisitor's apprentice.[1][2][9a]

Adepta Sororitas

A Battle Sister

The Adepta Sororitas are the Ecclesiarchy's fighting arm.[6a]


An Arco-Flagellant

An Arco-Flagellant is a heretic turned into a combat servitor by the Ecclesiarchy.[9j]


A Vindicare Assassin

Assassins are agents specialized in killing and infiltration.[5a][9k][10a]


A Sister Hospitaller

Chiurgeons specialize not only in the art of healing but also the art of repentance, interrogation, and the yielding of information through torture.[2][10a]

Cultists and Fanatics

A Cultist

Cultists, such as the Redemptionists, can be commonly be found in an Inquisitor's retinue.[9e]


A Daemonhost is a living mortal body used as a receptacle to bind a daemon.[9l]


A Desperado

Desperados[7a][9f][10a] or Scum[5a] are rogues and killers.


A Servo-skull

Familiars are constructs attuned to the Inquisitor's mental signature.[2]


A Banisher

Hierophants[1][7a][10a] or Clerics[5a] are pious holy men of the Ecclesiarchy such as Priests or Banishers, able to join the Inquisitor in prayer and boost his enchantments against Daemons.


A Mutant

Mutants are creatures bearing some form of severe genetic deviance from the normal members of their species.[9h]


A Mystic[15]

Mystics[1][10a] or Psykers[5a] often accompanying Inquisitors that lack any psychic abilities of their own, they can also serve as advisors, psychic shields or even a decoy as the daemons are attracted to the psychic mind of the Mystic.


A Penitent

Penitents are rogue psykers that have been captured and made to repent by an Inquisitor and been put to service by their deliverer.[2]

Rogue Trader

A Rogue Trader

Rogue Traders may work for an Inquisitor, either as a solo agent or part of the Inquisitor's retinue.[9d]


A Sister Dialogous

A Sage,[1][2][7a][10a] Savant, or Adept[5a] is an administrative specialist, often biologically augmented with increased mental storage and processing power.


An Arbitrator

Seekers are used to catch criminals.[10a] They are often drawn from Arbitrators[5a] and Enforcers[9f] who apprehend and punish those who break the Emperor's laws.

Space Marine

A Deathwatch Veteran

Space Marines can be found in an Inquisitor's service, especially those of the Deathwatch who serve as the Chamber Militant of the Ordo Xenos.[9b]


A Techpriest

Techpriests of the Adeptus Mechanicus frequently serve in an Inquisitor's retinue.[5a][9c]


A Crusader

A Warrior is used by more militant Inquisitors. They are generally there to provide the Inquisitor with covering fire or combat support and form the Inquisitor's bodyguard.[1][2][10a]



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