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Insanguination is a unique Space Marine conversion process for the Blood Angels and their successor chapters.[1]

Administered by a Sanguinary Priest, during Insanguination the geneseed of Sanguinius is implanted into successful Neophytes by drinking from a Blood Chalice. After partaking of it, they fall into a coma and are entombed by the Blood-Servitors inside the caskets of the Hall of the Sacrophagi. They remain there for a full year, in full care of the casket's life-support systems, while they are injected with blood of the Sanguinius. Many die, incapable of bearing the vast changes wrought upon them by the gene-seed; others wake up too early and grow insane from their dark and claustrophobic existence. The ones who completely adapt, however, become the newest additions to the chapter.[1]

The Flesh Tearers are known not to utilize Insanguination, leading some to believe this has caused their higher than normal rate of the Black Rage and Red Thirst.[2]