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Inspectorate of Shipping

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The Inspectorate of Shipping[1a] is an Imperial organization, that is charged with investigating the Merchant Fleets, whenever major irregularities in scheduling or shipping occur[1b]. Field agents known as Inspectors, are sent in person to investigate these occurrences and wear a coat as a standard uniform[1c] and are issued a laspistol to defend themselves with[1d]. These agents have the power to go wherever their investigation takes them and even offer Inspectorate confidentiality agreements, within limits, in order to solve their cases[1a]. In practice however, there are certain areas of the Speaker for the Chartist Captains' Nexus Axiomatic‎ fortress, that are deemed to be off-limits to outsiders. Any Inspector that attempts to enter them, will be met by the armed Praeses Mercatura and told the Inspectorate of Shipping have no jurisdiction in those areas.[1b]

Known Members

  • Ferlad Calavine - Inspector, Sol Sector Command[1c]