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The Interex were a highly advanced Human civilisation during the time of the Great Crusade.[2a]


Interex were tall humans with only one genetical difference - a large bat-like ears that helped them use their unique language based on music and sounds. Interex still used language - evolved human dialect of Terra - but very seldom.[2a]


The Interex were a humans originating from Terra that created their own civilization.[2a] At a certain point they made contact with Eldar, who told them about the dangers of Chaos and the threat that the inhabitants of the warp bear to humanity.[2c]. Later Interex made contact with Kinebrach who were defeated as a result of a long war and subsequently entered their society, becoming its inextricable part. After that Interex encountered, defeated and localized the aggressive aliens Megarachnids on the planet of Murder (Urisarach in the language of Interex, meaning Spiderland) who started to attack the frontier planets of Interex, infesting at the start of the conflict eight Interex's systems.[2a] During the Great Crusade Interex were encountered by the Luna Wolves[2a] and at that moment their civilization included 30 systems.[2b] The technology of the Interex was in many ways more advanced than that of the Imperium's, but was not as strongly focused on the waging of war.[2a]

Devoted to fighting chaos, (they referred to it as 'Kaos') they regarded the 63rd expedition skeptically, as they thought they might be tainted by it. They were in talks with Horus and his peers[2c] when somebody[2c] (later it became known that it was First Chaplain Erebus of the Word Bearers)[2d] tainted by the powers of Chaos[Needs Citation] infiltrated the Hall of Devices, the Interex museum of artefacts and weapons, sabotaged the building to explode[2c] and stole a valuable and dangerous Kinebrach sword known as an Anathame. Fights broke out between Space Marines and Interex forces until Warmaster Horus was successfully evacuated off planet.[2d] The stolen Anathame, secretly taken by Erebus, would be the weapon that would later mortally wound Horus. The Interex are confirmed to have been destroyed in an Imperial campaign before the beginning of the war on the Auretian Technocracy.[1]


The Interex had incredibly advanced technology available to them. At first glance, many of Horus' warriors believed the Interex to be aliens in the shape of centaurs.[2a] Later it was found the centaur base was a form of mobile fighting platforms for Interex warriors. They would walk into the base, and form a centaur looking warrior with increased mobility.[2b] They also used a type of bow or crossbow that the warriors of Horus wrote off as decorative parade weapons,[2a] until a skirmish revealed that they could emit bolts of light fully capable of punching through Space Marine armor.[2c]

The Interex also had automated drones throughout their society that were akin to Advanced AI as opposed to the Imperium's more barbaric-like use of servitors (wiped brains serving as CPUs).[Needs Citation]

Interex Elements

  • A Marvelous Historie of Eevil; Being a warninge to Man Kind on the Abuses of Sorcerie and the Seduction of the Daemon - an ancient tome of Interex pre-history; a treatise against the practice of sorcery and fiddling with Kaos (Chaos).[2c]
  • Aria - special and very diverse music that Interex used to communicate as a language. Fundamental part of their communications.[2a]
  • Diath Shehn - abbrocarius. Made first contact with the Imperium, meeting Horus and the Luna Wolves after the War on Murder[2a]
  • Gleves - warriors of Interex who used long-bladed perfectly balanced metal spears[2a]
  • Kaos - the general concept of Interex about Chaos, warp and their malignant inhabitants[2c]
  • Meturge (players) - speciaists of Aria[2a]
  • Mithras Tull - one of the subordiante commanders of Xenobia. Was killed by Garviel Loken after it became known about the attack of Terran on the Hall of Devices[2c]
  • Saggitars - warriors of Interex who used recurve bows forged from some dark metal[2a]
  • Shartiel Edge - part of Interex realm[2a]