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Invasion of Alumax

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The Invasion of Alumax was a battle within the Charadon Campaign, which began after the Alumax System was invaded by the Death Guard Plague Captain, Oghlosmus Bilge's warhost.[1]

Due to it being so close to the Forge World Metalica, its Fabricator-General, Khleng, dispatched its forces to the Alumax System. These included several Eradication Arks, who used their Rad Weapons to scour large patches of the System's invaded worlds. However this was not enough, to stop the onslaught of Oghlosmus Bilge's warhost. Composed of the Death Guard, numerous Chaos Warbands, Cults, Daemons and the Chaos Titans of Legio Morbidus, the Warhost easily conquered most of the Alumax System. The handful of Imperial survivors have now either retreated to Monitor Station Meta-Obol Gamma 4, within the System's Skothian Grav-Reefs, or they have been reduced to fighting desperate guerrilla wars amidst the devastated ruins of Alumax's worlds.[1]