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Invasion of Paramar V

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First Battle of Paramar V
The traitor assault on the Paramar Nexus Spaceport
Conflict Horus Heresy
Date 673006.M31
Location Paramar V
Outcome Traitor victory
Alpha Legion
Legio Fureans
Dark Mechanicum
Adeptus Mechanicus
Legio Gryphonicus
Loyalist Iron Warriors
Harrowmaster Armillus Dynat
Archmagos Inar Satarael
Princeps Nistru
Archmagos Suyria Nihhon
Princeps Chartain Baldur
Warsmith Kyr Vhalen
18,000+ Alpha Legion
8-10 Titan Maniples
4 Thallax Cohorts
3 Cybernetica Cohorts
3 Knight Houses
2,800 Loyalist Iron Warriors
5,000 Skitarii & Adsecularis
Titan Demi-Legio
1 Secutor Regiment
1 Cybernetica Cohort
2 Knight Houses
Heavy Heavy

The Invasion of Paramar V, also known as the First Battle of Paramar, was a battle during the Horus Heresy.[1]


Paramar V was a strategically important world to Horus. It laid on the northern edge of Segmentum Solar and was a staging area for Expeditionary Fleets. It was positioned in almost direct conjunction between the Isstvan system and Terra.[1]

Horus launched his attack in the opening days of the Heresy after the Dropsite Massacre. The Alpha Legion led the initial assault, followed by the traitorous Legio Fureans and Dark Mechanicum Cybernetica, Knight, Thallax, and Skitarii forces. The defenders of the loyalist Paramar Nexus Mechanicum consisted of 77th Grand Battalion of Iron Warriors still loyal to the Emperor as well as the Legio Gryphonicus and Mechanicus troops of the Taghmata Paramar.[1]

The initial assault of the Alpha Legion and traitor Titans seized most of the planet, but only after bloody battles at Landing Zone Secundus. But when the Traitor Legio Fureans entered the planets primary Spaceport at Paramar Nexus, they were shocked to find the Titans of the loyalist Legio Gryphonicus waiting for them backed up by loyalist Iron Warriors and Mechanicum. A vicious battle erupted that saw the Traitor Titans initially pushed back, but a swift counterattack by the Alpha Legion helped turn the tide. The loyalists were pushed back, until they only held onto the base of Terminus. In a final combined assault, the planet fell to to the forces of Horus.[1] However traitor-allied Titan forces from the Legio Fureans took heavier losses than expected at the hands of the loyalist Iron Warriors and Legio Gryphonicus.[2]


Two more battles were fought over Paramar V during the Heresy. The Second Battle of Paramar took place two years later and saw a massive loyalist counter-invasion. However again the traitors were victorious. Eight years after that however during The Scouring, the Imperium would finally retake Paramar V after the catastrophic Third Battle of Paramar.[1]


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