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Invasion of Rynn's World

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The Invasion of Rynn's World
The Battle of Rynn's World
Date 988.M41
Location Rynn's World
Outcome Imperial victory
Orks.png Waaagh! Snagrod Crimson Fists Symbol.JPG Crimson Fists
Rynn's World PDF
Rynn's World SDF
Craftworld Alaitoc
Urzog Mag Kull (d)
Pedro Kantor
Drigo Alvez (d)
Elodrath Starbane
"Significant" planetary threat Entire Chapter
6,000 Chapter Serfs
Rynnsguard PDF
System Defence Fleet
Eldar Rangers
Tens of thousands killed approx. 800 Crimson Fists slain
All Chapter Serfs slain
Considerable PDF and SDF losses
Major battles of the invasion were fought in central part of Sorocco continent[3]

In the year 988.M41, Rynn's World, the homeworld of the Crimson Fists Space Marine Chapter was invaded by a massive Ork Waaagh!, commanded by Snagrod, the Arch-Arsonist of Charadon.[1] Although the battle ended in an Imperial victory, the consequences were devastating; more than three-quarters of the Chapter was lost, and the Crimson Fists' fortress-monastery, along with its reserves of gene-seed, were destroyed - a blow the Crimson Fists have been struggling to recover from ever since.[Needs Citation]


When the Orks invaded Badlanding, The Planetary Defence Force, consisting of the 18th Mordian, 24th Lammas and 49th Boros Imperial Guard Regiments, commanded by Commissar-General Alhaus Baldur are defeated within days. In retaliation, the Fourth Company of the Crimson Fists assaults Badlanding. The Crimson Fists underestimated the size and strength of Warboss Uzrog's forces. The result is a failed attack on Warboss Uzrog's warband with the loss of 56 Space Marines out of a company of 84, with Captain Drakken among the fallen. Shocked by the failure of the Fourth Company, the Crimson Fists indefinitely suspended all raids and order a recall of all the chapter's companies to Rynn's World.[Needs Citation]

Warboss Uzrog then attacks Rynn's World directly and during the Orkish invasion, there is a trillion to one chance malfunction and a rogue missile from the chapter's surface-to-space defence system flies off course and hits the main arsenal of the fortress-monastery. The ensuing explosion devastates the Crimson Fist's fortress-monastery and almost wipes out the entire Chapter. Two groups of Crimson Fists did survive; the first were marines surveying the outer defenses with Commander Pedro Kantor. These joined up with the second group, who were seconded to New Rynn City's defence forces, and the surviving Crimson Fists stayed in New Rynn City to hold out against Uzrog's siege. As a result of the Ork invasion all of the planet's cities were destroyed, with the sole exception of New Rynn City; the capital and seat of the planetary government.[Needs Citation]

Battle For Traitor's Gorge

Tactical Map of the Battle For Traitor's Gorge.

The Battle For Traitor's Gorge is a lesser-known battle which took place on Rynn's World roughly six months after the planet was liberated. Several remaining Ork warbands had taken refuge in the Jaden Mountains of Rynn's World, conducting raids against the weary and war-torn populous. Chapter Master Pedo Kantor himself directed the campaign to eradicate the Orks, engaging them with his remaining Battle-Brothers in cave-to-carve fighting. However Kantor's attacks only served in uniting the disparate Ork warbands found in the mountains, and soon the Crimson Fists task-force came under sustained attack in Traitor's Gorge from every Ork in the area.[4]

Though but two dozen in number, Kantor and his men fought valiantly and took a heavy toll on the Orks. Managing to fight themselves clear of the gorge's confines and seeking higher ground, the Crimson Fists became surrounded and packed together but knew that with all the Chapter's Thunderhawks lost or damaged in previous battles, evacuation and air support was impossible. Soon only the Chapter Master himself remained unwounded. But when all seemed lost, the Ork tide began to slacken. Soon ghostly figures appeared on the ridges around Traitor's Gorge, gracefully assailing the orks with Longrifles and darting from cover to cover. For reasons known only to himself, Eldorath Starbane led a small contingent of Rangers from Craftworld Alaitoc to intercede on behalf of the beleaguered Astartes forces.[5] This timely intervention by the mysterious warriors allowed the Crimson Fists to turn the tide of the battle and the Crimson Fists surged forward, forcing the Orks to flee. With the mysterious ghost warriors vanishing, the Ork warbands in the Jaden Mountains were shattered after the victory.[4]

Known Ork Forces

Known Ork Forces included[2]: Ork Commanders

The Arch-Arsonist's Inferno Horde

Black Flame Tribe

Da Flaming Skulls

Killchoppa's Blitz Brigade

  • 5 flight-capable Warband

Da Skorched Earth Krew

  • Estimated 270 Skorchas
  • 24 Flamestompas

BigMek Big'ead's Fieromaniacs

  • Estimated 20 Burna Boys Warbands
  • Estimated 80 Skorchas
  • Estimated 120 Pyro-Bommas

Other Named Orks