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Invincible Class Fast Battleship

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The Invincible Class Fast Battleship is a rare class of Imperial Battleship.[1]


The brainchild of Admiral Kisher, this vessel was designed to hunt Chaos and Eldar Corsair raiders at the speed of a Light Cruiser. Despite protests from the Adeptus Mechanicus over inherent design flaws in the internal compartmentalization and issues with the back-up systems and power distribution grid, Kisher went ahead with the concept. Though the class proved very successful as an anti-piracy tool, they proved poor line battleships due to their poor protection. Traditional naval officers became disdainful of the concept, branding the class "Kisher's Kombustibles".[1]

Fifteen Invincible Class Battleships were ordered but ultimately only ten were produced after three exploded in fast succession at Swetz Climb.[1]

Notable Invincible Class Battleships


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