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Inwit is an Ice World of the Imperium, and, along with Necromunda, one of the two official recruiting worlds of the Imperial Fists Space Marine Chapter.[1]

Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Inwit Inwit.jpg
Segmentum: Segmentum Tempestus[3]
System: Inwit Cluster
Affiliation: Imperial
Class: Ice world, Adeptus Astartes Recruiting World[1]
Tithe Grade:


Inwit is a mostly lifeless frigid world of little value, sporting little natural resources and vicious native wildlife. The people of Inwit are barbaric but not unsophisticated, raised to endure and survive the harsh climate. Most of Inwit's population is nomadic, moving between the subterranean ice Hives to trade in weapons, fuel, and technology. Conflict between these roaming clans is common and men learn to defend themselves at a young age. Despite these conditions, Inwit managed to establish a small interstellar empire during the Age of Strife. The rulers of Inwit kept to the old traditions and nomadic lifestyles while they simultaneously built small warfleets for expansion.[5]

Rogal Dorn spent at least a significant portion of his formative years on Inwit. He is known to have lived amongst the ice-tribe of Dorn during his adolescence and to have considered the sire of one of these tribes as his grandfather. The world is said to have supported ice-hives and to have an unconfirmed technology level; Dorn at one point referred to the Phalanx as something he had constructed, and claims to have been Emperor and warlord of the entire Inwit system.[2] During the Horus Heresy Inwit was subjected to a Siege by traitor forces.[6] Several recruits of the Imperial Fists Legion came from the ice tribes of Inwit, including Captain Alexis Polux.[4]

Today the world is still used for recruitment of Imperial Fists, as well as having cultural importance to all the sons of Dorn. The Feast of Blades is known to sometimes be held on Inwit.[7] The current Master of the Administratum, Violeta Roskavler, is a native of Inwit as opposed to Terra as was the norm.[8]

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