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The Vash'ya Lar'shi'vre Io'Tar was a Lar'shi'vre-class cruiser that, along with its sister ship, the Io'Phi, formed the core of the Tau fleet during the Taros Campaign.[1]

The Io'Tar was the first Tau ship to engage Imperial forces in the Taros system during the conflict, leading five Kir'shasvre escorts in an attack on Convoy Alpha-Four. The convoy, consisting of one Freighter and three Armed Freighters and carrying the entire 8th Brimlock Dragoons was under-defended and easy prey for the Tau forces. The Tau took no losses as they annihilated both the convoy and its protectors, the Dauntless Light Cruiser Cerebus and the four Sword Frigates of Errant Squadron.[1]

Convoy Alpha-Four was far from the first success that the Io'Tar would have during the Taros Campaign. For the rest of the conflict, the Io'Tar continued to attack Imperial shipping, taking a heavy toll on convoys carrying vital supplies to the Imperial Guard forces on Taros.[1]