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Iocanthos Gullyan Kraevik Chloure

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the member of the Administratum; for the planet, see Iocanthos.
Targetdrone.gif This article is about the member of the Administratum; for the cultist, see Diess.

Iocanthos Gullyan Kraevik Chloure[Note 1] was a Consul Senioris of the Administratum.[1a]

Earlier in his career, Chloure served in an Administratum facility on a minor Agri World for fifteen years.[1b]

Chloure was in command of an Administratum taskforce sent to raid the headquarters of the Van Skorvold Cartel, following persistent rumours that the cartel was engaged in the smuggling of artefacts and illegal mutants. Although the taskforce had support from the Imperial Navy, the Imperial Guard and the Adeptus Mechanicus, Chloure wished to guarantee the operation's success. To this end, he intentionally leaked the information that the cartel had come into possession of a legendary lost relic of the Soul Drinkers Chapter, a weapon known as the Soulspear. It worked, with Chloure securing the aid of a Soul Drinkers strike force led by Commander Caeon.[1a]

The Soul Drinkers, however, ended up destroying the star fort after the Mechanicus component of the taskforce, led by Archmagos Khobotov, stole the Soulspear from them.[1c][1d] Following their escape from the system, the taskforce pursued the Space Marines and attempted to bring them to heel for firing on allied Imperial vessels.[1d][1e]

The Soul Drinkers hid within a dense asteroid field to protect themselves from the battlefleet's reprisal. Over the next five months of stalemate, further Imperial vessels arrived and in the process, Chloure lost command of the fleet, being reduced to the role of observer.[1e] After so long with little to show for it, Inquisitor Gorgo Tsouras of the Ordo Hereticus arrived to take charge of the situation. The Soul Drinkers once again resisted and were able to escape the Imperial battlefleet after receiving reinforcements from the rest of their Chapter.[1f]

Following the incident, the Inquisition instigated a purge of the participants in the Lakonia Persecution; Chloure was one of the only people involved in the operation to survive, disguising his identity (becoming known as Adept Diess) and hiding within an Administratum facility on another Agri World, Koris XXIII-3. He was eventually tracked down by Inquisitor Thaddeus, who had been given the task of tracking down the now-renegade Soul Drinkers Chapter, and questioned. However, Thaddeus delayed Chloure's execution indefinitely as long as he continued his good work, reasoning that he was not a threat and was more useful to the Imperium in his new position.[2]