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Iona was a Sister of the Order of Our Martyred Lady and a member of Sister Miriya's Celestian squad. She was disliked by some of her Sisters for being silent and rarely showing emotion. This meant nothing to Miriya, who considered Iona a valuable member of her squad, due to her skills in battle.[1a]


This page contains spoilers for: Faith and Fire (Novel)

Aboard the Imperial Navy Frigate the Mercutio, Miriya's squad was assigned with escorting the prisoner Torris Vaun, a psyker pirate, to the planet Neva for execution. While Iona and Lethe Catena, another member of her squad, were guarding Torris's cell, they were attacked by compromised crewmen as they tried to free Torris. Overwhelmed, Iona was burned and wounded in the fight while Lethe was held down by the crew men and had her throat slit, by the newly freed Torris[1b]. Torris then used his powers on Iona, pillaging her mind before he made his escape from the ship.[1c]

Once the Sisters arrived on the planet, they were met by Lord Deacon Viktor LaHayn, the High Priest on Neva. Angered that they allowed Torris to escape, he demanded that a member of Miriya's squad be given to him to be executed along with the surviving crewmen who helped Torris. Iona, left a shell of her former self after Torris' assault, volunteered herself. Needing to make amends for her failure and Lethe's death, she took the Oath of the Penitent to become a Sister Repentia. Her sacrifice calmed Lord Deacon LaHayn and casts away any doubt, on the devoutness of Miriya and her remaining squad.[1c]

Later during the celebration of the Wounding of the Flesh festival, Torris launched an attack on the crowds, with rebels he had recruited. During the assault the prison where the compromised crewmen from the Mercutio were kept, was partially destroyed killing them[1d]. In the aftermath of the attack, Baron Holt Sherring, ruler of the city-state of Metis, was convinced to rebel against the local Ecclesiarch by Torris Vaun. In response, Lord Deacon LaHayn ordered the Sisters of Battle to attack in force.[1d]

Since the crewmen who helped Torris were killed, Iona was sent to join a Repentia squad as the Sisters invaded Metis. When the Sisters reached the mansion of Baron Sherring, the Repentia squad lead the charge and broke the defenders before them[1e]. Once inside the Baron's inner chambers, the Sisters were attacked by the pyro psyker Ignis, an ally of Torris. Ignis launched a firestorm which killed Iona's Repentia squad and heavily wounded the other Sisters in the chambers. As Ignis launched another fire attack to kill the wounded Sisters, Iona launched herself through the flames and stabbed the psyker using her Eviscerator chainsword. In his death throws, Ignis embraced Iona as his powers flowed back into him and they both burned to death. After the battle, Miriya's squad spoke the Oath of Katherine over the dead Repentia, who in death had redeemed herself.[1f]


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