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Iron Council

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The Iron Council, also known as the Great Clan Council, is the ruling body of the Iron Hands.[1] The Iron Council meets in the vault on their homeworld known as the Eye of Medusa.[8a]


After the death of Ferrus Manus, the most revered warriors of the Legion formed the Iron Council with the mindset that no single warrior should lead the Iron Hands. Its members became known as Iron Fathers, and the body has guided the Iron Hands ever since. When Roboute Guilliman adopted the Codex Astartes, the Iron Council oversaw its implementation within the Iron Hands and its successor chapters.[1] Due to the reverence for the mechanical amongst Iron Hands, the council members are often Venerable Dreadnoughts.[2] Precisely forty-one Iron Fathers sit on the Iron Council.[3] The Iron Council has the duty of electing the Chapter Master of the Iron Hands, though unlike most Chapter's this is not a title given for life. Rather, the Iron Council will grant and strip the title as they see fit.[8b]

One oddity of the Iron Council is the representation by the Adeptus Mechanicus, known as the Voice of Mars. The Iron Hands maintain close ties to the Martian Mechanicum, and in exchange for protection the Priesthood grants the Chapter unprecedented access to the sacred mysteries of the Omnissiah.[8b]

The Custodians of the Iron Council are known as Helfathers.[10]

Known Members of the Iron Council

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