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Iron Grimoire

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The Iron Grimoire is a tome inked with the blood of saints and bound in screaming Warp-metal. It serves as a treasured relic of the Grey Knights Chapter as it contains a written record of their founding. Only the Supreme Grand Master is allowed to read from the book and it is unthinkable for him to share its secrets with either his Battle-Brothers or outsiders. Among the contents of the Grimoire is said to be the true reason why Titan was selected as the Chapter's homeworld, as legends speak of an great evil being entombed beneath Mount Anarch. The Iron Grimoire is said to liken the rocks of Titan to a graven tomb and the Chamber of Purity as its capstone.[1a]

Among the final trials of aspirant Paladins is to confront one of the 666 most powerful Daemons from the material realm armed with only a Nemesis Force Weapon and the creature's true name, which is gleaned from the Iron Grimoire.[1b]