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Iron Halo

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Iron Halo DWRB.jpg
Davian Thule equipped with an Iron Halo in Dawn of War: Dark Crusade.

The Iron Halo is part of the Space Marine Armoury. It is an ancient artifact, a special Honour Badge given to a Space Marine who has shown exceptional initiative or bravery on the battlefield. It incorporates a powerful conversion field, similar to the Rosarius or Refractor Field, that reinforces the resiliency of Power Armour, allowing them to weather even the most fierce attacks.[2]


The Iron Halo appears as a spiked circle or half-circle of grey iron worn either on the helmet or the left shoulder pad. Sometimes it is more elaborate and takes the form of an actual halo arching over the Battle-Brother’s helmet, connected either to his gorget or backpack. In rare cases, the Iron Halo will also be inlaid with litanies of the Battle-Brother's deeds or the names of heroes of his Chapter.[3]

The Iron Halo Honour is a mark of rank within the Adeptus Astartes, and in most Chapters is only awarded to Space Marine Captains and above. As a sign of rank within a Chapter, it is assigned by the Chapter Master to Space Marine.[3] Iron Halos are so rare that in the Ultramarines, only Captains and Company Champions are authorised to wear them.[2] As a sign of rank, the Iron Halo grants a Space Marine command privileges and responsibilities on the battlefield. His peers will look to him for leadership, and tactical decisions will often fall to him unless a more senior ranking officer is present. For Space Marine serving in the Deathwatch, rank is largely a formality, though other Space Marines and Imperial soldiers familiar with the Chapter hierarchy will usually respect his decisions. The rank may also play a part in the decisions of his commanders as he will represent a proven leader of men and an asset they may call upon in certain combat situations.[3]

The Blood Ravens Chapter possesses a special Iron Halo, a revered relic assumed to have belonged to their unknown Primarch.[1]

Famous Iron Halo users

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