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Iron Warriors (Novel Series)

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The Iron Warriors series by Graham McNeill follows the actions of the renegade Iron Warriors Warsmith Honsou, who also frequently appears as an antagonist in McNeill's Ultramarines series.

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The series began with Storm of Iron, published in 2002 and republished in 2007 and 2008. A limited release novella, Iron Warrior (Novella), was published in 2010.

Short stories

  1. The Enemy of My Enemy (Short Story) — first published in Inferno! 44
  2. The Heraclitus Effect (Short Story) — first published in Planetkill (Anthology)
  3. The Skull Harvest — published in Iron Warriors: The Omnibus
  4. The Iron Without — published in Iron Warriors: The Omnibus
  5. The Beast of Calth — published in Iron Warriors: The Omnibus
  6. The Corpse Road — published in Renegades of the Dark Millennium (Anthology)


Iron Warriors: The Omnibus was published on February 28, 2012, which collects Storm of Iron, Iron Warrior and the first five of the above-listed short stories.

Iron Warriors: The Complete Honsou Omnibus was released on March 30th, 2019, and contains every story to feature the character of Honsou.[1]


Storm of Iron

Main article: Storm of Iron (Novel)

Hell has come to Hydra Cordatus, for a massive force of terrifying Iron Warriors have invaded the planet and lain siege to its mighty imperial citadel.

Iron Warrior

Of all the enemies Warmaster Honsou has made in his artificially prolonged lifetime, one stands above all others - Uriel Ventris.

The Enemy of My Enemy

by Graham McNeill

Within the Eye of Terror the Iron Warriors homeworld has become a living hell for many brave warriors of the Imperium. But their lifetime of slavery may be about to end, thanks to the unlikeliest of saviours.

The Heraclitus Effect

Desperate for revenge against the Ultramarines who humiliated him, Iron Warriors Warsmith Honsou hatches an audacious plan to destroy a planet.

The Skull Harvest

Warsmith Honsou needs an army. On the world of New Badab, a force of renegades, mutants and aliens awaits him – if he can survive Huron Blackheart's Skull Harvest.

The Iron Without

by Graham McNeill

As the Iron Warriors fall upon the world of Calth, Soltarn Vull Bronn is tasked with an important mission by the warsmith, one that could decide the result of the entire war.

The Beast of Calth

by Graham McNeill

Calth has been saved and the Iron Warriors defeated, but rumours spread of a vicious beast haunting the tunnel-cities, a beast that may still have the power to destroy the world...

The Corpse Road

After escaping Calth, Warsmith Honsou stows away aboard an Ultramarines grave ship, making his way back to the Eye of Terror.


The events of the Iron Warriors series occur parallel to those of the Ultramarines series, also by McNeill, and frequently intersect. The rough chronological order of the two series is as follows:

Iron Warriors Series Ultramarines Series Noteworthy Events
Storm of Iron The Iron Warriors assault Hydra Cordatus. As the only surviving champion, Honsou returns to Medrengard as leader of "The Warsmith"'s Grand Company.
Dead Sky, Black Sun After refusing to share the spoils from Hydra Cordatus, Honsou is drawn into a war with rival Warsmiths Berossus and Toramino, into which comes Uriel Ventris and Pasanius Lysane, exiled from the Ultramarines after the events of Warriors of Ultramar.
The Heraclitus Effect As revenge for Uriel's destruction of his fortress, Honsou destroys Tarsis Ultra.
Courage and Honour (Novel) Uriel learns about the destruction of Tarsis Ultra.
The Skull Harvest Honsou gathers a new army.
Iron Warrior Honsou takes the star fort Indomitable and frees M'kar.
The Iron Without The Chapter's Due Honsou, M'kar, and the Bloodborn invade Ultramar.
The Beast of Calth Takes place in the aftermath of the invasion of Ultramar.
The Corpse Road Takes place in the aftermath of the invasion of Ultramar.

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