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An Imperial Autogun[3]

Autogun is the general name for any rapid-firing automatic rifle.


The Autogun is a projectile weapon similar in appearance and operation to battle rifles of the twentieth century. Unlike ancient firearms, autoguns typically use caseless ammunition, made of metal, plastic or ceramics, and are constructed with plasteel, increasing their rate of fire and reliability.[3] There are many different patterns and models of autogun produced across the Imperium.[7] A typical weapon may not be incredibly accurate or as reliable as lasgun, but will make up for it with a high rate of fire and cheap ammunition. Most autoguns fire solid low-calibre slugs from standardised clips, and the design is ubiquitous enough that many xenos races have their own variants.[5][6][7]

Cheap and easy to produce on even the low-tech planets, autoguns are a staple weapon across the Imperium. Durable, rugged and easily stocked with readily available ammunition, these weapons are a common sight especially in the rougher parts of the galaxy.[4] The simple technology needed to manufacture autoguns makes them common on frontier worlds and also with gang members on Hive Worlds. Autoguns are not as common as the lasgun amongst Imperial Guard regiments, but they are still issued in substantial numbers, especially by second or third line planetary defence forces or militias.[7]

Known Patterns

Agripinaa pattern type II

Agripinaa pattern type II[7]

This model was produced on Agripinaa Forge World. It can fire a single shot, a three round burst or on fully automatic. The oversized round fired gives it an excessive recoil and muzzle flash, but also good stopping power. The barrel has had a counter-weight added to try to compensate for the weapon's tendency to rise off-target during automatic fire.[7]

  • Length: 109 cm
  • Barrel: 54 cm
  • Weight: 6.2 kg
  • Calibre: long 8.25
  • Feed: 20 or 30 round box
  • Cyclic rate of fire: 625 rpm
  • Muzzle velocity: 825 m/sec

Agripinaa pattern type III

Modified Agripinaa pattern type III[11]

This model was produced on Agripinaa Forge World. It fires either single shot, semi-automatic and fully automatic. This model only includes a basic iron sight. It includes a flash suppressor, but one of the weapon's drawbacks is its excessive muzzle flash on firing, along with the recoil in fully automatic mode due to the size of of round being fired. The type III version attempted to correct this by the addition of the counter-weight. Whilst it did add accuracy, it also added to the weapon's considerable weight.[11]

  • Calibre: long 8.25
  • Feed: 20 or 30 round box
  • Cyclic rate of fire: 650 rpm
  • Muzzle velocity: 820 m/sec

M40 Armageddon pattern

Produced on Armageddon Hive World, this pattern is loud, lethal and uncomplicated. Considered a heavy-hitter for an autogun, it fires large calibre solid slugs and can stand a phenomenal amount of abuse and still keep firing.[2][13a]



A highly modifiable autogun pattern, popular amongst the gangers and hired guns of Necromunda. It has a slower rate of fire than it's contemporary the Vpanther but tends to inflict more damage on the victim.[19]



A highly modifiable autogun pattern, popular amongst the gangers and hired guns of Necromunda. It has a faster rate of fire than its contemporary the Striker but tends to inflict less damage on the victim.[19]

Hax-Orthlack Creed-9 Autogun

Designed for close quarter warfare, The Creed-9 is a compact weapon constructed to a local variant of a long established design intended for Naval boarding troopers. This model is not much larger than a military autopistol in size and is made using lightweight materials and fitted with a telescopic stock, making it light and accurate, which often makes it the weapon of choice for many enforcer kill squads, as well as the private armies of numerous noble houses and Chartist Captains. Because of this it’s common to see Creeds sporting numerous modifications and upgrades such as red-dot sights, expanded mag-ports and fire selectors.[13b]

Ironhead Autogun

Drill-Kyn with Ironhead Autogun[18]

Used by the Squat Ironhead Prospectors of Necromunda. Twin-barreled and drum-fed.[18]

U90 Assault Cannon

Manufactured on the Forge World of Urdesh in the Sabbat Worlds.[17]

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