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Bolt pistol

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The following information mainly concerns Bolt pistol manufactured by/ for and/ or used by the various human factions and organisations, not for bolt pistols manufactured by Xenos - for the latter please see the corresponding paragraph at the end of the article.

The Bolt Pistol is a smaller handheld version of the venerable Bolter. Assault Marines in particular favor the Bolt Pistol, frequently using them alongside the Chainsword.[5] Imperial Guard Commissars and Officers also favor the weapon.[9]

Outside of Space Marines and other elite Imperial forces, bolt pistols are rare and are signs of status and power. They are only manufactured in specialized facilities on Mars and Space Marine homeworlds due to the advanced technology inherent to them. [3] Only a minority can afford them because of the high cost of maintenance and ammunition. Sometimes they are passed down through the generations of noble families as heirlooms and relics detailed with elaborate scrollwork and family crests.[1][2]

Imperial Bolter designs

Adeptus Astartes

Note that some of these are only used by specific Space Marine Chapters.

Absolvor Bolt Pistol

The Absolvor Bolt Pistol is a newer generation of Bolt Pistol seen wielded by Primaris Space Marine Chaplains. This heavy weapon would seem like a fully sized rifle in non-augmented human hands and has significant stopping power.[13b]

Absolvor Bolt Pistol

Eliminator Bolt Pistol

This long-barreled bolt pistol has been observed in use by Primaris Space Marine Vanguard Eliminators.[18]

Eliminator Bolt Pistol

Equis-Pattern Bolt Pistol

Equis-Pattern Bolt Pistol is a variant of the Bolt Pistol, that was created by the Techmarines of the White Scars Chapter.[24]

Guardian Bolt Pistol

The Guardian Bolt Pistol is a distinction awarded to Deathwatch Space Marines regardless of rank for conspicuous gallantry, courage under fire, or actions above and beyond the call of duty. Therefore they also serve as a status sign for veterans and the bearer's name and his deed are inscribed on the weapon during the awarding ceremony. Each weapon is tailored for its wearer and he is allowed to keep it, even after leaving the Deathwatch to return to his Chapter. However if these pistols are not buried with their owner but are found somewhere they are taken back to the Deathwatch where they are enshrined along with the recorded deeds of it's previous owner. These pistols are not re-issued.[6]

Godwyn Ultima

Note: due to the ambiguous labelling of the images it is not possible to say if the weapon shown here is a "Godwyn Ultima" or an "Ultima".

The Minotaurs are known to have used Godwyn Ultima bolt weapons during the Badab War - it is unclear if these are Boltguns or bolt pistols.[7c]

Godwyn Ultima

Heavy Bolt Pistol

The Heavy Bolt Pistol, also called the Special Issue Bolt Pistol[17c] is a larger variant of the standard Bolt Pistol used by Primaris Space Marines, most notably Reivers[13a] and Assault Intercessors.[17a]

Heavy Bolt Pistol

Phobos pattern

This design dates back to the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy[11]

Phobos pattern

Ikanos pattern

This design dates back to the Great Crusade, and is a .50 caliber weapon.[12]

Ikanos Pattern

Ryza-Ultima variant

This design is known to have been used by the Star Phantoms during the Badab War.[7e]

Ryza-Ultima variant

Silentus Pistol

Silentus Pistols are modified Bolt Pistols that have been created by the Raven Guard Chapter.[23]

Spectris pattern

This design is known to have been used by the Marines Errant during the Badab War.[8b]

Spectris pattern

Tigrus pattern

Tigrus Pattern Bolt pistol was first discovered in the depths of Forge World Tigrus and the STC data for it was quickly disseminated throughout the Imperium before the beginning of Horus Heresy. Tigrus is now lost, yet the bolt-pistols that bear its name, though no longer produced, continue to see service in the 41st Millennium.[10]

Note this pattern is also spelled as the "Tigris" pattern

Tigrus/Tigris pattern

Ultima Bolt pistol

This design is known to have been used by the Mantis Warriors[7a] and the Fire Hawks[8a] during the Badab War.[7a] The Minotaurs are known to have used Ultima bolt weapons during the Badab War - it is unclear if these are Boltguns or bolt pistols.[7c]

Ultima Bolt pistol

Note: due to the ambiguous labelling of the images it is not possible to say if the Minotaurs weapon shown here is a "Godwyn Ultima" or an "Ultima".

Umbra Bolt pistol

The Umbra Bolt pistol is one of the oldest patterns used by the Astartes. This pattern lacks many of the more advanced sensory and other power armor interfaces used by later patterns.[14] Despite this, the pattern was known as reliable and effective.[14] This pattern is known to have been used by First Captain Zerberyn of the Fists Exemplar during the War of the Beast[14], and by the Executioners during the Badab War.[7b]

Umbra Bolt pistol

Umbra-Magnus Bolt pistol

This design is known to have been used by the Mantis Warriors[7a] and the Carcharodons[7d] during the Badab War.

Umbra-Magnus Bolt pistol

Other Bolt pistols used by Imperial or human factions and organisations

Ceres pattern

The Ceres-pattern bolt pistol is associated with the Imperial Navy and often found in the arsenal of Rogue Traders.[2]

Ceres pattern

Garm Pattern Service Bolt Pistol

The Garm Pattern Service Bolt Pistol is a large and intimidating design that are therefore often used by Commissar who wear them unholstered in the line of duty.[4b]

Cinder Crag Forge "Mauler" Bolt Pistol

Mauler bolt pistols are designed for "normal" humans (not like the much heavier and bulkier Adeptus Astartes variants) and are manufactured using the best alloys and components. Each sophisticated copy is hand-made by the Servitor-savants of the Cinder Crag and unique as it has to be tailored to the client's precise biometric data.[4a]

Mauler bolt pistol

Goliath Bolt Pistol

Used by House Goliath of Necromunda.[2]

Goliath Bolt Pistol

Hesh Pattern M38 Mk.II Bolt Pistol

Rare outside the ranks of the Adeptus Mechanicus hailing from the shrouded Lathe Worlds of the Calixis Sector, the Hesh-pattern M38 MkII was never widely adopted by the Departmento Munitorum due to its temperamental nature, difficult to maintain even by the standards of bolt weaponry. The M38 MkII almost seems as if it was designed to be used by individuals more knowledgeable of firearms than even those august members of the Imperial Guard who wield such weapons. Nevertheless, the Tech-Priests of the Lathe Worlds appreciate the weapon’s effectiveness, and do not have the same trouble with its machine spirit as those less attuned to the mysteries of technology. The MkII’s distinctive drum magazine allows for a higher rate of fire than other bolt pistols, but is also prone to more frequent malfunction.[15]

Ironhead Bolt Pistol

Used by the Squat Ironhead Prospectors of Necromunda. The weapon is twin-barreled and features a drum magazine.[22]

Ironhead Squat with two Ironhead Bolt Pistols[22]

M-six-seven-six Union Model Autobolter

A type of bolt pistol similar in design to the Phobos pattern but predating the Imperial pattern designation. By the time of the Horus Heresy it was considered an antique.[26]

Orlock Bolt Pistol

Used by House Orlock of Necromunda, drum fed.[19]

Orlock Bolt Pistol[19]

Sacristan Bolt Pistol

The Sacristan Bolt Pistol is manufactured for the Ordo Calixis by the Fane of Orthlack on Scintilla. This model is based on the Godwyn-De’az patterns of the Sisters of Battle and the weapons are marked with the Inquisition's brand and seal.[4c]

Volg "Spitfire" Bolt Pistol

The Spitfire "bolt pistol" is not a real bolt pistol, see other bolt weapons.[4a]

Valhallan Mk 45

A bulky pattern of bolt pistol used by the Imperial Guard's Valhallan Ice Warriors.[16]

Scars Machina

A highly modifiable bolt pistol pattern, popular amongst the gangers and hired guns of Necromunda. Associated with the gangers of House Goliath.[27]

Scars Machina[27]

More bolt pistol designs

Due to the fact that in most cases specific bolt pistols images are not labelled, unnamed designs are collected here, grouped by outward similarity.

Squat Bolt Pistol Designs

Autoch-Pattern Bolt Pistol

Used by the Leagues of Votann.[25]

Autoch-Pattern Bolt Pistol

Bolt Revolver

Used by the Leagues of Votann. The Bolt Revolver has a clear similarity and common ancestry with Imperial equivalents, but hits harder and works better.[21]

Bolt Revolver[22]


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