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Ismael de Roeven

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Ismael de Roeven is a servitor which served aboard the Ark Mechanicus Speranza.[1]

Ismael was a former loader-overseer of the Lifter Rig Savickas of the docks on Joura. While treating his crew to drinks at a portside bar, to celebrate the crew making their quota, he (along with his crew and the other patrons at the bar) were captured and gang-pressed into service aboard the Speranza.[1a] Due to his persistent outcry at being forcibly collared to service, he was sentenced to "Servitude Imperpituis". After the conversion surgery (which included sealing his mouth shut with a chain-secured breathing plug) and lobotomization, Ismael was assigned to serve food in Feeding Hall Eighty-Six.[1b]

During his service in the feeding hall, Ismael's former crewman, Abrehem Locke, recognized the servitor as who it used to be by his Savickas service marking. Despite attempts, Abrehem could not make the servitor remember it's former life.[1c] During the evacuation of a deck heavily damaged by a berserk Warlord-Titan, Ismael was struck on part his cranial augmentation. Ismael was later found by Abrehem, standing at the end of a corridor that would later turn out to house a long forgotten arco-flagellant known as Rasselas X-42.[1d] Abrehem was shocked to notice the beginning of a confused expression on the formerly emotionless servitor, before Ismael held up the arm with his Savickas marking and speaking the rig's name.[1d] Having regained part of his mind that had been suppressed by the now-damaged augmentation, Ismael rejoined the survivors of his former crew as part of a team to refuel the plasma engines.[1e] Though still connected to the ship's noosperic network to other servitors, more of Ismael's personality and memories returned to him.[1e] Ismael eventually remembered weapons training he once received before becoming a dock worker and accurately identified a long discontinued pattern of plasma pistol.[1e] Ismael managed to survive an Eldar attack on the Speranza, helping Abrehem back to his feet at the end of the battle.[1f]