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Jacobean Censure

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The Jacobean Censure began when Inquisitor Jacobean of the recently formed Ordo Hereticus proclaimed the Space Wolves heretics due to the practices of the Chapter's priesthood lacking adherence to the Codex Astartes.[1]

Jacobean then launched a Crusade against the Space Wolves, which was composed of a sizeable contingent of Inquisitorial henchmen and Astra Militarum Regiments. However, in response, each of the Chapter's Wolf Lords send their most trusted Wolf Scouts to apprehend the Inquisitor in the Svardeghul System, which revealed that Jacobean was actually the Tzeentch Daemon known as the Changeling. When the truth was discovered, the Crusade against the Space Wolves was ended and those officers who followed the Daemon were given over to the Ordo Hereticus, though the Chapter advocated for the pardon of those soldiers who had taken arms against them.[1]