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Jade Paladins

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The Jade Paladins are an Imperial Fists Successor Chapter.[1]

Marine Basic Data Chapter Symbol
- Jade Paladins -
Founding Chapter: Imperial Fists[1]
Founding: Unknown
Chapter Master: Harlan Nalas[Needs Citation]
Homeworld: Praelax[1]
Fortress-Monastery: Fortress of Nethal
Colours: Metallic Jade, with white trim on shoulder pads and white right knee pad
Completely white for vehicles[1]
Specialty: Siege Warfare
Strength: Bolter Weaponry
Battle Cry: Unknown

Their Chapter symbol is based off of the Imperial Fists' and is an encircled white fist placed on a jade colored field.[1]

The Jade Paladins's early history is lost them them, though, their myths and legends state they are descended from the Imperial Fists. It was only after the Jade Paladins were saved from extinction by an influx of Primaris Space Marines, however, that they fully embraced being a Successor of their Founding Chapter. They now mirror themselves after the Imperial Fists and make sure to follow in their footsteps. The Jade Paladins' Homeworld Praelax, is a Death World infested with giant Mega Geckos and only their Fortress Monastery remains there. A Company strength of Jade Paladins, called the Prolaxian Guard watch over their Homeworld and the relics it contains. They remain there, unless a dire need forces them to go to battle.[1]

Because of Praelax's state, the Chapter recruits Aspirants from a number of recruiting worlds. Each Aspirant taken from the same world, during a recruitment drive, are placed together in groups called Brethren and then assigned a digit number and letter code, such as JX14. These Brethren groups are designed to increase their bonds of Brotherhood with each other and operate on their own or with other groups. A Captain will command several Brethren groups if the need arises. When the Chapter is asked to send Paladins to the Death Watch, they send entire Brethren groups to join, in order to not separate them. The chapters Chief Librarian is known to have briefly joined the Death Watch by himself before returning to join the Chapter. Due to past experience, the Jade Paladins do not trust the use of psykers. This includes their myths and legends which claim that Praelax's downfall was caused by sorcery. Those Paladins who develop such abilities are removed from their Brethren groups, and sent back to to Chapter's Fortress Monastery, where they undergo a series of tests. Should they fail even slightly during these tests the Chapter will have them executed while those who survive become one of the chapters few Librarians. Their former Brethren groups meanwhile are not told what happened to the missing Paladins and the groups assume they have died unless the Chapter decides to later disclose the truth. Because of these strict measures the Jade Paladins only currently have two Librarians in their Chapter. One of which is the Chief Librarian, who conducts the psychic tests and is always an honorary member of the Prolaxian Guard.[1]

If a Paladin becomes the sole surviving member of their Brethren group, they enter a berserk state and will be driven by a need for revenge. Their sense of self-preservation drops considerably as they fight, but those few who survive this state, go on to join the Chapter's command structure. Bar their Chapter Master and his Honour Guard, the Jade Paladin's command structure is entirely composed of such Paladins, who are greatly respected within the Chapter due to the loss they endured. These include the Reclusiam as well, as Paladins who deeply mourn the loss of their Brethren members usually go on to become Chaplains.[1]

A rite of passage for a group of recently recruited Brethren Aspirants is to go and hunt down one of the giant Mega Geckos that inhabit Praelax. Those that succeed in killing one of the creatures will receive the respect of their Chapter, even more so should they be able to tame the creature instead. Those Brethren who tame a Mega Gecko, are usually the first in line to join the Prolaxian Guard.[1]

Recently in M42, the Jade Paladins struck a blow against the Black Legion causing the traitors to retaliate by invading Praelax. The Black Legion had sought to to destroy the Chapter, but the Jade Paladins were able to defeat them and kill the Chaos Lord leading the invasion.[1]


The Jade Paladins were created by Ben Bailey, a Games Workshop Warhammer Community employee, and were showcased in episode 12 of The Warhammer Community Podcast.[1]

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