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Jakhals are World Eaters Cultists that accompany the Chaos Space Marines into battle.[1]


Unique to the World Eaters, Jakhals are ferocious fighters utterly devoted to their lords. They are fanatical fighters, resembling a pack of wild dogs. Quick to fight each other, they nonetheless work together to bring down larger prey once unleashed. Each Jakhal wears a tank designed by Butcher-Surgeons upon their back. These vessels contain a variety of combat Stimms that drive the warriors into a slathering frenzy, enabling them to fight on through terrible wounds. The final ingredient pumped into them in this way is eight drops of a World Eaters blood. This potent warp-infected substance allows the Jakhals' fury to rise to apoplectic levels.[3]

To join a Jakhal pack, a cultist must demonstrate their loyalty, bloodlust, and sheer fighting ability in a series of brutal initiation rites designed to weed out all but the strongest. Thus Jakhals are placed close to the top on the pecking order of the World Eaters mortal followers, but despite this status they are still ultimately viewed as expendable. Most World Eaters warbands use Jakhals to one extent or another, but some such as The Tide, Horkrax's Elect, and the Murder Bringers are noted to use them sometimes by the millions.[3]

Massive Jakhals that tower over their brethren are known as Dishonoured and they serve as the Cultists' Champions. In battle, Jakhal hordes charge into the fray with Chainblades and spiked skullsmasher maces.[2]


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