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Jan van Yastobaal

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Jan van Yastobaal

Jan van Yastobaal was a contemporary of Confessor Dolan Chirosius during the Plague of Unbelief.[1a]


Yastobaal was an impetuous and restless young man, and the clan head of a wealthy estate on Chiros, until it came under attack from Bucharis' forces. He instigated the resistance against Bucharis on Chiros, then went on to fight Bucharis' tyranny on worlds such as Guryan, Dolsia and Methalor.[1a]

After the death of Bucharis, Yastobaal's restlessness led him to become a Rogue Trader. Yastobaal and his followers became fabulously wealthy as they discovered and plundered alien worlds and ancient civilisations. He soon became the most infamous rogue trader in the Imperium. His methods became more and more at odds with his reputation as a man of the people, and his followers began deserting in droves, alarmed by his violent mood swings and his insolence to danger. Eventually, cut-throats and renegades were all that remained of Yastobaal's once proud contingent, and their mission had become one of simple plunder rather than exploration in the Emperor's name.[1b]


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