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Jantine Patricians

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This page contains spoilers for: First and Only (Novel)
Uniform Basic Data Miniature
- Jantine Patricians -
Homeworld: Jant Normanidus Prime[1b][1f]
Regiment Name: Jantine Patricians
Specialities: Heavy infantry assaults.[1h]

The Jantine Patricians were Imperial Guard Regiments[1i] hailing from Jant Normanidus Prime.[1b][1f][1i]

Of particular note was the First Regiment of the Jantine Patricians, who were often referred to as the Jantine Patricians in and of themselves.[1a][1i]

Combat Doctrine

The Jantine Patricians were primarily heavy infantry regiments, fielding troops comparable in some ways to storm troopers.[1h] They were considered extremely skilled and disciplined[1h] and, despite their reputation for aristocratic snobbery, they were surprisingly adaptable and resourceful.[1f]

In addition to their heavy infantry core, each regiment had access to moderate armoured support, including Phaethon-pattern Leman Russ Battle Tanks, Leman Russ Demolishers and Chimeras, along with some light artillery in the form of Griffon Armoured Weapons Carriers.[1c]

In battle, the Patricians were known to sing and chant to unnerve their enemies. The most notable of these was an ancient Jantine war-hymn called the Alto Credo. Both officers and guardsmen of the Jantine were graduates of a prestigious military academy on Jant, which gave them great pride in their martial abilities and inclined them to think themselves superior to other Guard regiments.[1h]


The Jantine Patricians sported deep purple uniforms edged with chrome.[1b][1d] Rank was denoted by a number of decorative gold markers. They wore heavy metal cuirasses and other ornate armour, to denote their role as heavy shock troopers.[Needs Citation]

Known Actions

Known Regiments

Notable Members

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