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Jaq Draco

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Jaq Draco was an Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus.[1a]


Inquisitor Jaq Draco was born on Xerxes Quintus, a planet rife with mutants and psykers. It had only recently been rediscovered and unified within the Imperium. Draco's parents were Imperial adepts sent to the planet. After they were killed he was raised as an orphan in a Mission School on the planet. Draco was discovered to be a psyker; when a Black Ship arrived he was taken and brought to Terra. He was one of the very few aboard the Black Ship judged to be psychically powerful enough to be allowed to live and go on to become an Inquisitor.[1a][2a]


Draco and his retinue are dispatched to Stalinvast to monitor supposed Genestealer Cult activity. During their investigations however, they are drawn to a Human Harlequin known as Zephro Carnelian and the Warp Entity known as the Hydra. Draco and his retinue manage to break free of the Hydra's control, but fail to capture Carnelian save his hat, which bears an image similar to the mythology of the Star Child.[1b]

Continuing their pursuit of Carnelian, Draco enlists the help of an Astropath known as Moma Parsheen. After briefly considering Exterminatus, Draco rescinds the order after discovering that the Hydra has retreated back into the Warp. However this issue is re-issued by Moma, and Stalinvast is destroyed.[1a]

Continuing the hunt for Carnelian, Draco aboard his personal ship Tormentum Mallorum next journeys to a Space Hulk, where he meets the mysterious Ordo Hydra. Draco learns of the truth of the Ordo Hydra's mission, but upon discovering their dabbling in the Forces of Chaos condemns them as heretics.[1c] After discovering the Ordo Hydra extends to the highest levels of the Inquisition, Draco realizes he isn't safe and decides to travel to Terra to seek guidance from the Emperor personally.[1d]

Journeying to Terra by smuggling himself aboard a Black Ship, Draco is guided apparently by the Emperor himself to the Golden Throne. Here, he experiences a vision in which the Emperor supposedly orders him to destroy the Ordo Hydra. Reinvigorated, Draco and his entourage escape Terra aboard a freighter[1d][2b].


Draco and his retinue next move to the planet Luxus I, which is revealed to him through the Emperor's Tarot. The world is in the midst of a civil war thanks to the actions of a Slaaneshi Chaos Cult, and here Draco and his companions battle through Daemons. With the help of his Squat underling Grimm, Draco is able to locate the Navigator Azul Petrov and Astropath Fennix to replace those he had previously lost.[2a]

The group next moves to Darvash III to locate apostate director secundus of the Callidus Temple, Tarik Ziz in order to undo modifications to Meh'Lindi that forced her to remain in the form of a Genestealer Hybrid. After this, Meh'Lindi is able to assume the form of an Eldar in order to infiltrate the Xenos colony via Stalinvast.[2c]

At Stalinvast, the group attempts to infiltrate the Eldar but discovers that his Squat underling Grimm has been secretly working for Carnelian. By interrogating Grimm, they learn that Carnelian was once possessed by Daemons but freed by the Harlequins, who then accepted him into the ranks of the Illuminati, a group dedicated to capturing the forgotten sons of the Emperor known as the Sensei. Using the Sensei, the Illuminati hoped to create a new entity that would defeat Chaos and become the new patron of Humanity.[2d] At Stalinvast, the group aids the Eldar against a force of Imperial Fists led by Draco's former mentor, Baal Firenze. Draco is able to escape with Carnelian's help along with Lexandro d'Arquebus and some of the remaining Imperial Fists into the Webway.[2e]

Finding themselves on a path that may lead to the legendary Black Library, the group is then stalked by a force of Howling Banshees. During the fighting, Meh'Lindi is killed and causes Draco to break down mentally. However he eventually finds his way into the Black Library, and discovers a book on the Rhana Dandra.[2f]

Chaos Child

Driven by his grief for Meh'lindi, Draco next journeys to Sabulorb, the planet in which she had once destroyed a Genestealer Patriarch. Here they meet the thief Rakel Binth Katzintzki, who covets Draco's book on the Rhana Dhandra for himself. Draco instead injected the thief with a dose of Polymorphine and psychically forced her into mimicking Meh'Lindi.[3b] Using his new thief, Draco had her steal Eldar artifacts before the Inquisitor himself managed to kidnap a Death Jester, forcing him to teach him Eldar Runes. Draco's ultimate objective was to find a point in the Webway with which to reverse time.[3c]

Shortly after, Draco encountered Lexandro, who had since been captured by the Thousand Sons and possessed by a Daemon. Draco was able to defeat the foe and take the Daemon into himself, but an Eldar attack forced the group to flee.[3d]

Draco and his entourage made for the Webway with the tent to use Rakel as a vessel to reincarnate Meh'lindi using time reversal. Upon reaching the point in the Webway in which this was possible, Rakel revealed she knew her fate but was okay with it due to the horrors she had experienced. Draco succeeded in resurrecting Meh'Lindi, but she quickly was revealed to be an insane abomination which attacked the group. Finally snapping after this failure, Draco apparently summoned a Daemon of Tzeentch into himself before being killed by Lexandro, though in truth this was just a manipulatiuon. As he was slain in the time reversal point, Draco's soul did not enter the Warp but instead was doomed to forever roam the Webway.[3e]