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Jarulek was one of the more powerful Dark Apostles of the Word Bearers Traitor Legion. A fanatic in a legion renowned for its faith, Jarulek inspired utter devotion in all who followed him. Jarulek's skin is covered in holy text, passages from the Book of Lorgar. The script is so extensive it covers the inside of the Dark Apostle's mouth.


The Great Crusade

Before Jarulek attained the mantle of Dark Apostle he was a war captain for the legion. Under orders from Lorgar himself, he and two thousand warrior brothers were dispatched from the Chairak Nebula wars to bring the world of Fortrea Quintus into compliance.

After making landings across the planet Jarulek set about converting the oppressed citizens of Fortrea to the worship of the god Emperor. Using these new found holy warriors a mass attack was launched upon the Palace of Light, the seat of Fortrea Quintus rulers. Millions of the faithful were gunned down by the well equipped warriors holding the palace, but eventually, victory was on the side of the Word Bearers.

The Horus Heresy

During the Heresy Jarulek was the first acolyte to the Dark Apostle Sor Talgron. Their fast task given to them by Lorgar was to sabotage part of the Astronomican on Terra.[2a] Talgron and Jarulek then took part in the Percepton Campaign, where he clashed with Talgron over his own desire to sacrifice captured Ultramarines to Daemons.[2b] Upon the unleashing of Phosphex on Percepton Primarus Talgron was impressed that the Ultramarines were willing to do such a thing, and knew that only few of his men would be able to evacuate. Chemicals already threatened them, and Jarulek expressed anger at what was happening. Talgron threatened Jarulek, pointing out that the warp didn't reveal it happening, and Talgron was filled with disgust by what the Word Bearers became. Jarulek offered to use his powers to help them escape, and Talgron refused, which provoked Jarulek to leave him behind.[2c]

Upon the Warmonger's incapacitation and entombment as a Dreadnought after the Siege of Terra, he took control of the Host and became the new Dark Apostle.

The Prophecy of Jarulek

Since before the end of the Hersey Jarulek has followed a prophecy of his own, written in only one place, the skin of the Apostle himself. After ten thousand years of war the prophecy came to fruition and was the cause of the Word Bearers invasion of the Imperial planet of Tanakreg.

After successfully leading his host to conquer the planet and enslave the population into creating an immense Gehemehnet, he channeled enough Warp energy to shatter the crust of the planet and expose a dormant Necron Monolith. Accompanied by his first acolyte Marduk, he recovered a powerful artifact from the tomb, but was slain by the re-awaking Necron Lord as Marduk made his escape.[1]