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Jaya D'Arcus

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Jaya D'Arcus was the Baroness of House Vyridion during the Horus Heresy.

Due to the confusion of the early Heresy and her houses long-pledged oaths to the Emperor's Children, Jaya led her Knights against loyalist forces at the Battle of Mount Galheim. However, upon learning the truth, she willingly led herself and her House to Terra where they were imprisoned. Sentenced to execution, they were held in an underground prison for an unspecified period of time, nearly starving to death when the meal Servitors began to malfunction. However, they were rescued by the Custodian Diocletian Coros who informed them that Highrock had been destroyed by the Emperor's Children. Diocletian offered them redemption and vengeance against the traitors through service on a secret battlefield. Jaya agreed, and led her house in older donated Knights in the War Within the Webway.[1a]

During the final battle for the Webway Portal leading to Terra, Jaya worked with Diocletian and Dominion Zephon to slay the possessed Magos Dominus Hieronyma. Her Knight was destroyed in the fight but her ejection seat. She was only saved by Zephon, who swept in and retrieved her on his Jump Pack.[1b][1c]