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Jennika Tan Draconis

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Lady Jennika Tan Draconis is a Knight of House Draconis, holding the position of First Knight of Adrastapol, and pilot of the Knight Paladin Fire Defiant.[1a][2]


The eldest child of High King Tolwyn Tan Draconis, Jennika held the prestigious position of Gatekeeper of House Draconis. However, during the Betrayal on Donatos, King Tolwyn was killed.[1b]

Despite being Tolwyn's eldest child, as a woman she was ineligible to inherit the throne and his crown was passed to his son, Danial Tan Draconis. Danial was proclaimed the new High King and Jennika dutifully served her brother in the battles that followed.[1c] While battling the Renegade Knights of House Chimaeros, Jennika killed her father's assassin, Gerraint Tan Chimaeros, after a vicious battle.[1d]

Following the events on Donatos, Jennika ascended to the position of First Knight of Adrastapol, becoming the first woman in House Draconis's history to do so. She led four lances of House Draconis Knights in the evacuation of Planetary Governor Juliandros Beatifica in the Imperial defence of Pyrodiah.[2]