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Jenniker Solam

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Jenniker Solam, born Jenniker Kell, was a Venenum Assassin during the Horus Heresy. Originally growing up in the slums of the Hive World of Thaxted Duchy alongside her brother Eristede Kell, they were the last surviving members of the Kell Dynasty. The rest of their family had been assassinated by rival aristocrats in the continuous inter-dynastic wars of the planet. Orphaned and alone, both were taken in by the Schola Progenium and made members of the Officio Assassinorum. She displayed great skill in chemistry, which made her an exceptional Venenum Assassin due to the exotic poisons she could concoct. However by a desire to avenge his parents deaths, the Officio gave Kell permission to massacre the man who had ordered his parents deaths. Kell had done so, but killed many innocent bystanders in the process. Horrified by what her brother had done, Solam changed her name so that she may never go by Kell again.[1a]

Jenniker was reunited with her brother when she was picked to take part in the Officio Assassinorum Execution Force to kill Horus. She however became distracted by her mission with the plight of the local citizens of Dagonet, who were waging a desperate guerrilla war against the pro-traitor rulers of the planet. The Dagoneti also introduced her to the Lectitio Divinitatus and converted her to the idea that the Emperor was a divine being.[1b] Her interest in helping the people of Dagonet and new spiritualism created friction with her brother and the Execution Force as a whole, and the mission to kill Horus went on without her. During the subsequent failed attempt to kill Horus, Solam discovered by the plot by the Daemon Pariah hybrid known as Spear to assassinate the Emperor. Attempting to stop Spear, Solam was mortally wounded in the process. Her brother came upon her in her final moments, and she made him promise to track down Spear for justice, not revenge.[1c]