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The Jokaero are an alien race, ape-like in appearance who are capable of tremendous technological and logical feats, and who also specialize in miniaturisation technology.[14]


During the closing days of the War in Heaven, after having already nurtured many species to assist them (including the Eldar), the then-desperate Old Ones brought forth newer creations to defend the last of their strongholds. These creations included the green-skinned Krork and the technology mimicking Jokaero. Regardless of their efforts, the Old Ones were doomed when their intergalactic network was breached by psychic spawn of their creations.[2] Despite the destruction of their creators, the Jokaero continued to live on and into the Age of the Imperium where there was much speculation about their origins.[1] The physical resemblance of the Jokaero to orangutans of ancient Terra may not be coincidental, because it is established fact that the Slann have genetically manipulated the species as they are known to have visited the planet on numerous occasions.[1]

In appearance, they are heavyset, orange-furred apes who bear a passing resemblance to orangutans of ancient Terra with retractable fingers and toes. Their physical form can be misleading to outsiders as they are technosavants without equal.[3] They have proven to be a fascinating species to outsiders as none are sure whether they are truly intelligent despite the fact that they are capable of remarkable acts of engineering, construction and problem solving. This is, in fact, their most notable ability as they are technically brilliant with an innate, genetically structured understanding of technology.[1] Their capabilities are seemingly instinctive giving them a full understanding of machinery and technology.[3] These traits place their understanding beyond that of even the most advanced of the known races with the possible exception of the Great Mages of the Slann.[1] Great debates emerged on whether these simians were genuinely intelligent or simply made weapons on an instinctual basis.[7]


Jokaero vessel[10]

The creations of the Jokaero were often sought after across the Imperium.[6] These technosavants often found themselves recruited as Weaponsmiths by the Inquisition.[3] With sufficient - even battered - machinery, a group of Jokaero are capable of creating anything from a starship to a lascannon.[1] They are even able to create food synthesizers so long as they are have sufficient alloy and circuitry.[3] Jokaero are known to be forever crafting inventions and improvising ingenious equipment, though not always in the same way twice, but with a particular focus towards miniaturization.[7]

Their understanding of astrophysics is equally baffling as they seem to be capable of tapping into unseen power-currents that run through the galaxy. Jokaero spaceships are an example of this: open structured framed lattices resembling a unique polyhedron shape that are unlike any known space transport. The structure is vital to the design as it draws upon those same galactic power-currents that the Jokaero are aware of and channel it in a similar manner as Force weapons do to psychic energy by virtue of their spiral shape. Thus, Jokaero vessels are able to move, manoevure and transcend warp-space through making physical alterations to the ships' design.[1][10] Such an act alters with the universal powers it employs and modifies its place in the natural galactic order.[1][10] Many data traders have noted the similarities between Jokaero vessels and the structure of a Blackstone Fortress, leading some to speculate that the two must have a shared origin.[10]

Creations of the Jokaero include not only Digital Weapons but also Defence Orbs.[3] In addition, they are also the creators of the unique devices known as the Spy-flies. The fact that these machines required psychic input led Inquisitor Jaq Draco to suspect that the Jokaero may possess psyches.[7] Jokaerian Force Field technology are odd, altered Imperial force fields that operate under a similar principle as the massive Gellar fields and are prized by the Calixis Sector Ordo Malleus as potent tools against Daemonic threats.[8] Jokaero light-sculptures are known to be an exotic piece of art that is showcased by certain officials within the Imperium.[9]


Jokaero script[10]

In terms of society, Jokaero tend to live in large family groupings that consist of a dozen individuals which roam the galaxy in a random fashion with their sole objective being survival. This leads to them frequently arriving on inhabited worlds in order to scavenge for oddments or any specific components that they need. At times and if necessary, they are known to band together to attack targets in order to acquire the object that they desire. Related families often travel and work together which are led by either a matriarch or a patriarch. Their natural and extraordinary talents mean that their weapons, equipment and tactics are comparable to other intelligent creatures'. Furthermore, they are quite capable of using complex and well-coordinated attacks against their targets. Potential targets can include lone power stations, farmsteads or distant mining ships where they attack and loot, whereupon they escape before attracting a larger response from their foes. Their mindset means that they are unable to be reasoned with and communication is seemingly impossible as it is believed that their species have no known form of language, culture or any motivation beyond survival.[1]

Jokaero have a natural aversion to close combat, prefering ranged combat wherein they may remain at a safe distance. Jokaero dislike endangering their families and will only rarely fight unless desperate or acting in self-defence.[1]

Relations with Other Species

Their technical skills can make a Jokaero an incredible resource to other races that can control them. However, such a task is incredibly difficult and near impossible as they tend to build only to fulfill their immediate needs. As such, attempts at capturing them to compel them to work often fail disastrously as Jokaero are known to create items which allow them to escape.[1]

Inquisitorial retinues that possess a Jokaero Weaponsmith in their ranks often see the creature immediately making its mark in the group where it performs minor yet perplexing modifications to weapons and wargear. These "enhancements" do not always provide an advantage to the item in question but simply "feel" right to the creature. This can often be quite frustrating to a Jokaero's allies due to their angry exception to their Adeptus Mechanicus sanctioned equipment that is being altered to suit the aesthetic whims of a Xenos ape but few refuse the efforts of the Weaponsmith. The random nature of the upgrades are impossible to predict as a Jokaero is equally capable of turning a las-cannon into something formidable after a few moments of inspiration or simply add a decorative knotwork to the barrel.[3]

Recent History

Jokaero Weaponsmith miniature[14]

In M32, the Deathwatch of Fort Nullifact launched an attack on a Jokaero star-frame, only to be met by a fleet's worth of firepower. The Deathwatch forces retreated and observed as the star-frame spun out of the cosmos and into the void.[13]

When the Seventh Blackstone Fortress had entered the galaxy, one of the earliest ships to arrive at station of Precipice was an open-latticed Jokaero ship. While they ignored attempts at communication, the Jokaero were keen to trade with the visitors to the new Blackstone Fortress, regardless of whatever value the explorers perceived their loot to be, the Jokaero even opening the bulkhead of their ship (called Sawbone Station) for visitors. The Jokaero quickly proved to be a vital part of Precipice's ecosystem: as medical specialists, repairmen, and craftsmen. One particular Jokaero weapons-specialists was dubbed The Tinkerer.[12]

When the Tinkerer went missing, its brethren aboard the Sawtooth Station refused services to all visitors until the Tinkerer was returned. He was later found aboard the Blackstone Fortress tinkering with a bizarre-looking piece of technology and working on a new invention. The rescuers had to defend the Jokaero against threats until it completed its invention.[12]

Named Jokaero


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