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The Jorgall were a race of aliens that occupied Imperial space in the Tasak Beta and Fallon systems at the time of the Great Crusade. They traveled between planets in enormous cylindrical spacecraft with chlorinated atmospheres. During the Battle of Iota Horologi Battle-Captain Nathaniel Garro's company of the Death Guard fought aboard one of their cylinder ships, aided by a cadre of the Sisters of Silence.[1]

The Jorgall were radially symmetrical with three arms and legs, scaly and horned skin, and an egg-shaped head with fleshy notches for mouths and noses atop an extensible neck. The nervous system was centralized in the torso and their circulatory systems pumped foul-smelling crimson blood. A mature adult stood 4.5 metres tall. All Jorgalli encountered had extensive cybernetic augmentation including wheels for feet, claws for hands, teleoptic cameras in place of eyes, subdermal armour, or implanted needler weapons. A group encountered by the Death Guard had two legs replaced with wings. The children of the race possess psychic abilities, which may be lost once they reach adulthood.[1]

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