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Jouran Dragoons

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A Guardsman of the Jouran Dragoons

The Jouran Dragoons are Imperial Guard Regiments raised from Jouran. They are mostly mechanised infantry.


The men and women of the Jouran Dragoons ride into battle in armoured transports like the Chimera. They are often seen in the vanguard of Imperial armies supporting armoured regiments like the Narmenian or Ketzok Armoured. Some of these associations stretch back over millennia and the Jourans have participated in the speartip of many great campaigns throughout the Imperium. After a salient has been created by the heavy tanks of the armoured regiments, the Jouran Dragoons speed through the gaps to gain territory and disrupt the enemy front.[Needs Citation]

Recruitment & Training

Command echelons of the Jouran Dragoons are populated with members of Jouran's noble houses. Jouran has a fine tradition of aristocratic duty and service. Unlike many Imperial worlds the Jouran nobility is generally well-loved and has a deep sense of honour and duty. Promotion to command ranks for these Jouran scions is through service in special training companies of Chosen ones.[Needs Citation]

This system has welded formations where the troopers led have absolute faith in the courage and ability of their leaders. To have a son or daughter chosen for service is considered a great honour and each noble house maintains its own detailed records of the heroic feats of its ancestors. The enormous hall of heroes of Jouran also contains records of all of those who have served in the regiments, as well as the actions of all the tithed regiments of Jouran.[Needs Citation]

Lists of the names of each officer, guard and tank crew member that has gained a distinction, posthumous or in life, is kept along with the name of the regiment. A whole army of servitors labour all of their lives cataloguing the feats of the regiments of its world through all the galaxy.[Needs Citation]

During the 13th Black Crusade, elements of the Jouran Dragoons were dispatched to the world of Lelithar, as the civil unrest on that planet worsened. Along with Titans of Legio Ignatum and Astartes of the Death Spectres Chapter, the Jouran Dragoons laid siege to the capital city of the world. Soon after the arrival of the task force, 50% of the native PDF revolted against the governor and cast their lot in with the leader of the Heresy, the so-called Voice of the Emperor.[Needs Citation]

Battle Style

Masters of blitzkrieg warfare, the Jouran regiments are often seen following armoured thrusts closely. Many a campaign has been won by a timely coup de main executed by the Jouran Dragoons.[Needs Citation]

Appearance & Uniform

In battle, troopers wear a heavy vest of ballistic cloth with extra pectoral protection and flexible shoulder reinforcements.[Needs Citation]

For formal occasions and the day to day, members of the regiment wear a sky blue jacket.[Needs Citation]

Weapons & Equipment

The Jourans carry the standard Mars pattern lasrifle into battle along with the normal Imperial Guard support equipment, and a ceremonial dueling knife that is traditional on Jouran.[Needs Citation]

In battle they wear bulky flak vests and fighting overalls. They ride the Chimera transport into battle with supporting Leman Russ Battle Tanks for heavy support. In addition to this they use standard Imperial Guard support tanks such as the Basilisk.[Needs Citation]

Notable Regiments

Notable Members

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