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Jubal Khan

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Current Chapter Master of the White Scars; for the Heresy-era commander, see Jubal Khan (Heresy).

Jubal is the current Great Khan of the White Scars.[1]


Jubal was made Chapter Master after the previous Great Khan, Kyublai Khan, disappeared while fighting Dark Eldar in 943.M41.[3] He successfully survived the trials set by the Stormseers. He, and three others, gathered at the Khum Karta mountains, within the Valley of Khans, and only Jubal emerged. What the trials are remains a mystery as none who survive them ever speak about that time.[1]

During his time, Jubal has fought countless aliens and battles. One of his greatest achievements was during the Jopal Uprising. He led the First Brotherhood in several raids and strikes against the enemy supply and communication lines. Such was the devastation that the enemy were forced to divert large numbers of troops to deal with the White Scars, but this allowed the Imperial Guard to batter through the weakened front lines and end the insurrection.[1]

Jubal engaged in the 3rd Armageddon War, where the White Scars operated both on Armageddon and on the surrounding Ork-held worlds. They were successful at disrupting the Orks and holding back assaults, allowing Imperial garrisons to prepare, while on Armageddon they were assigned the Deadlands where, in one instance, they destroyed an entire Ork brigade without taking any losses or firing a single shot, presumably through isolating the Orks from their supplies and reinforcements.[1]

Later, Jubal sought revenge for the Red Corsairs invasion of Chogoris by leading a daring attack on the Seethnar, a space station seized by Huron Blackheart. During the boarding operation, Jubal Khan and his honour guard reached the heart of the Seethnar and caused catastrophic damage to its plasma reactors with melta charges, but were caught by the collapsing corridors. While his Chapter could not ascertain Jubal's fate,[4] he had in fact been captured by the Red Corsairs and was then horrifically tortured. The White Scars later discovered the Great Khan was still alive and rescued him, but by then his body had been completely broken. His wounds were beyond the Imperium's ability to heal and Jubal was then taken to the White Scars' Fortress Monastery, Quan Zhou, and placed within a life-support cradle.[5a]

His condition has not changed since then; all the Chapter's Apothecaries can hope for is to sustain the Great Khan's mind for as long as possible. Though the shadow of the trauma he suffered lies heavy upon Jubal, he has not lost any of his keenness. The Great Khan now issues the White Scars commands with relentless assurance, seeing through the eyes of the Chapter's outriders and orchestrating their actions on a segmentum-wide scale. If anything, it seems Jubal's strategic acumen has increased with his physical confinement, as it has freed him from the distractions of leading his armies in person. The Great Khan's will is now enacted through his closest advisors, who ensure his orders are relayed clearly to all the White Scars' campaigning strike forces.[5a]

When he learned that Kor'sarro Khan had recklessly undergone the operation to become a Primaris Space Marine, Jubal ordered the Master of the Hunt to personally speak with him. When the two met, Kor'sarro was enhanced and Jubal was broken, but it was the Master of the Hunt who averted his gaze and then knelt before the Great Khan. Jubal forgave Kor'sarro and even granted him the use of the White Scars ancient Cyber Berkut Anzuq, before the Master of the Hunt resumed his duties. However, because Anzuq has the ability to record all that it sees, some amongst the White Scars speculate that the Great Khan now wishes to keep Kor'sarro on a shorter leash.[5b]

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