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Jubal Khan (Heresy)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Heresy-era commander; for the Current White Scars Chapter Master, see Jubal Khan.
Jubal Khan

Jubal Khan (Lord of Summer Lightning and the Death That Comes With Laughter) [1] was a Captain of the White Scars during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.

Born on Terra to the name Luthian, Jubal first caught the eye of the Khagan during a practice match on Chogoris, when he was noted for being indistinguishable from native Chogorians in his speech, manner, and spirit.[3] He was at that time a member of the Brotherhood of the Summer Lightning, of which horde he later became khan. At the time of the Chondax Campaign, Jubal had been away from the bulk of his Legion, instead commanding a great Ikhan (hunt) beyond the galactic plane against the Mjordhainn xenos. However in the four years after the Second Battle of Prospero, he was recalled by Jaghatai Khan His survival and return was a rare moment of joy for the legion in an otherwise relentless and wearying campaign.[2]

Upon his return to the White Scars, Jubal was given the honor of Jaghatai to replace the now-dead Qin Xa as Master of the elite Keshig, Jubal refused the honor, but accepted the second offer by Jaghatai to become the first Master of the Hunt.[2] During the subsequent Solar War, Jubal Khan commanded White Scars vessels from the Battleship Lance of Heaven as it engaged the fleet of Abaddon and Zardu Layak above the Sol System's disc. Wielding a Power Guandao, Jubal engaged Abaddon directly in a zero-gravity duel on the vessel. However despite his fierce resistance, Jubal was eventually slain by Abaddon.[4]