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Julias is a Captain in the Crimson Fists Chapter, who is known for his tactical brilliance.[1]

Shortly before the Great Rift's creation, his Chapter gave him command of a thirty member strike force and charged them with destabilizing the thermal reactors of the fallen Industrial World Laernoth IV. The world had been invaded by the Khorne Warlord Torkvar and his Gorehounds Warband, but the world's doom was completed when Torkvar unleashed a blood madness upon its population. Those infected degenerated into frenzied killers and soon trillions of Laernoth IV's population, were spreading mayhem across its surface. Julias' strike force though, would be able to bring this madness to an end, if they successfully completed their mission. Once they landed on the world however, they became hunted by the Gorehounds and infected population. This began a six months campaign of the Crimson Fists evading their pursuers, as they destabilized Laernoth's IV thermal reactors. They fought only when they were forced to and though they suffered losses, they were able to complete their mission. Once they moved to their extraction point however, they were pursued by Torkvar and his Warband's champions. In the furious battle that followed, the Crimson Fists were able to fend off the Warband long enough for the strike force's survivors to escape aboard a Stormraven Gunship. As they reach the void, Laernoth IV's destabilized thermal reactors exploded and set off a series of firestorms, that scoured 86 percent of life from the world's surface. An Adeptus Mechanicus reclamation force was later sent to reclaim the devastated world and killed the Khorne forces that had survived its devastation. However it is not known if Julias, was among his strike force's survivors.[1]