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Junka Trukk

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Junka Trukks[1][Needs Citation] (also spelled Junkatrukks[2]) are ramshackle vehicles used by Feral Orks.[1][Needs Citation] They are usually recovered from a wreck and repaired by a Pigdok.[2] It's not uncommon for Feral Ork tribes to salvage vehicles left by other forces. These vehicles will usually have been heavily damaged, and it is rare that a Feral Ork tribe will either have the mechanical expertise or spare parts needed to repair them correctly.[1][Needs Citation] But that generally does not stop the Tribes from cobbling things together.[1][Needs Citation] Because of the damage to them they have light armour and may not even run with the original engine, sometimes being powered by very crude steam engines, pedal power or even pure boar strength.[2] They are also likely to break at any time, making them somewhat of a liability however they are armed with a big shoota, rokkit launcha or burna whilst also being a transport to get Junkas to the other side of a field in quick time.[2]


Epic Scale Feral Ork Junka Trukks[Needs Citation]

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