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Justinian Parris

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Justinian Parris is a Primaris Space Marine who served in the Indomitus Crusade as an Inceptor Sergeant in the Unnumbered Sons.

He would take part in the Battle of Raukos[1a], but after their victory there, Lord Commander Guilliman ended the Crusade and disbanded the Unnumbered Sons. Each of its surviving members were then assigned to a Chapter that was descended from their Primarch and Parris, as a descendant of the Lord Commander, greatly hoped he would join the Ultramarines. To his vast disappointment though, Parris was assigned to the Novamarines and was then among those forces Guilliman took to aid the Realm of Ultramar, during the Plague Wars[1b]. Once there, Parris was taken to the Star Fort Galatan which was under the Novamarines' stewardship and began undergoing hypnomat memory implantation to aid him and other Primaris in embracing their new Chapter. However Parris resisted the implantation machine, as the teachings and history of the Novamarines showed him they were nothing but a pale imitation of the Ultramarines. He could find nothing, that would aid him in forming a bound with the Novamarines and angrily withdrew from the implantation machine. This drew the attention of Captain Orestinio and Chaplain Vul Direz, who had been assigned to help the Primaris adapt to their new home and Battle Brothers. The Captain and Chaplain stressed the importance of embracing the implantation, so the Primaris could better embrace their new Chapter, but Parris rejected this stating the machine was not working on him. Orestinio tried to be as understanding as possible and offered to perform the Novamarines' tattoo ritual known as remembrancing, which would help Parris bound with his Brothers by marking his body with his past exploits in the Indomitus Crusade. Parris rejected this however, as those deeds were done as an Unnumbered Son and not as a Novamarine. This continued rebuffing, greatly angered the Chaplain Direz, though Orestinio always intervened before the Chaplain's anger was unleashed upon Parris. As the Star Fort was entering the Parmenio warzone during that time, the disappointed Captain eventually let the Primaris leave with his blessing, so Parris could train with his new squadron. As Direz showered his back with disdain, Parris knew in his heart, that though he wore his new Chapter's colours, he would never truly be a Novamarine.[2]