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Kaarja Salombar

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Kaarja Salombar was Corsair Queen of the pirate band that formed one of the largest contingents of the Bloodborn warband of Warsmith Honsou and the Daemon Prince M'kar before the Invasion of Ultramar in 854999.M41[2a][3a]


This page contains spoilers for: The Chapter's Due (Novel)

Salombar's warband took part in the Skull Harvest on New Badab, and eventually swore allegiance to Honsou after his victory.[1][2a]

The Queen's space fleet featured some of the fastest and most skillfully captained ships in the Bloodborn armada, which inflicted heavy losses against the Ultramarines fleet over Talassar, eventually drawing the Battle barge Caesar into a trap that sent the ship, carrying Lord Calgar and the Ultramarines' First Company crashing to the surface.[2b]

When the Bloodborn were dispersed among the several planets of Ultramar, the bulk of the Corsairs were deployed to Espandor, where they overran most of the major cities and drove the populace into the countryside.[2b] The Second Company of the Ultramarines, led by Captain Sicarius, were deployed in response. Being outnumbered by the Chaos forces, Sicarius conducted hit-and-run attacks on outlying elements of the pirate forces, but decided that the best way to bring the campaign to a swift end was, as he had done on Black Reach, to locate and kill the enemy commander.[2b][2c]

Several squads were dispatched to infiltrate the enemy camps, and one, led by Sergeant Vorolanus, were dispatched to the city of Corinth. After several weeks without result, Vorolanus decided they needed to draw the Corsair Queen out, and announced their presence by opening fire. Storming the Bloodborn's stronghold in Corinth, they were able to confirm Salombar's presence. As soon as they signaled their Company's HQ, Sicarius arrived with reinforcements almost immediately.[2d][2e]

Sicarius himself summoned Vorolanus's Squad to fight alongside his Command Squad as he engaged Salombar in single combat.[2f] But the Corsair Queen was a formidable swordswoman. First she lopped off Ancient Vandius's arm, and, in combat with Sicarius, evaded his attacks and stabbed her sword through the Captain's primary heart. Though critically wounded, Sicarius seized her by the shoulders, holding her in place while Sergeant Vorolanus impaled her through the back with the Company Standard. Sicarius then cut off her head and held it aloft for all the Corsairs to see, causing their morale to evaporate.[2g]

Appearance and Abilities

Salombar's exotic appearance led to rumors that she had Eldar blood in her veins: she possessed long, bright-blue hair, and almond-shaped eyes of a striking violet colour. Honsou reflected that she could be considered quite beautiful.[2a][2b]

She also had the inhuman reflexes and speed possessed by Eldar melee fighters, being able to outmatch even Captain Sicarius,[2g] who had been training with the sword since he was a child.[3b] Despite this, Ardaric Vaanes considered her skills inferior to those of Notha Etassay.[1]