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Kabal of the Black Myriad

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Warrior Basic Data Symbol
Trueborn Kabal oftheblackMyriad.jpg
- Kabal of the Black Myriad -
Archon: Vhane Kyharc[2]
Colours: Unknown
Speciality: Unknown

The Kabal of the Black Myriad are a Dark Eldar Kabal, described as one of the Great Kabals of Commorragh.[1]

The Archon Vhane Kyharc is so paranoid, corrupted and corrupted that he ordered all the inhabitants of Tier-Nodal Spires to have their facial features surgically altered to resemble him. Thus, Archon was going to increase his chances in case of an attempt to kill him. Shortly thereafter, he also ordered all Dark Eldar of his Kabal to wear masks depicting his face.[2]

During one of magnificent performance of the Harlequins before his court, Archon noticed in time that something was going wrong, and managed to stop the blade of the Callidus Assassin, who took the form of one of the Harlequins participating in the performance, and tried to inflict a quick and fatal blow with her Phase Sword on Archon. With an evil laugh, Archon snapped his fingers, activating the puzzle box he always kept handy, and tore out the Assassin's soul, moving it into this mysterious device. After that he called the head of Dracon of the Trueborn and ordered the execution of the entire troupe of Harlequins who dared not notice the substitutions in their ranks. After that incident the Trueborn of the Kabal were ordered to wear the masks of these Harlequins in order to forever remind the Archon's enemies that any attempt to kill him by deception would be stopped quickly and cruelly.[3]

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