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Kabal of the Blades of Desire

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The Kabal of the Blades of Desire was a Dark Eldar Kabal. Commanded by the battle-hungry warrior-queen Xelian, the Kabal employed large numbers of Wyches, as well as Hellions and Reaver packs, and took part in many successful Realspace raids. Due to its abundance of wyches and slaves, the Blades of Desire operated one of the premiere gladiatorial arenas in the Dark City.[1a][1c]


Opposing the rule of Commorragh by the Kabal of the Black Heart, the Blades of Desire conspired with Nyos Yllithian of the Kabal of the White Flames and Kraillach of the Kabal of the Realm Eternal to usurp Asdrubael Vect. To accomplish this, the Blades of Desire aided Nyos' mission to resurrect El'uriaq, the legendary Tyrant of Shaa-Dom.[1a] However, before the plot could be executed, several wych assassins (believed to be Vect's agents) armed with the Glass Plague, were able to pit the Realm Eternal and Blades of Desire against one another by staging an attack upon Kraillach's palace, making it appear as if Xelian was behind it. This turn of events forced the aging Archon into a reckless attempt to confront Xelian in force, in order to save face or risk being seen as a weak leader by his own kabal. As Krailach made his approach to the fortress of the Blades of Desire, rogue hellions and reavers, also likely in Vect's employ and feigning allegiance to Xelian, attacked Krailach's force, forcing the two kabals into a standoff that broke only when Yllithian had managed to appear and forced a parlay to salvage the situation.[1b]

Though Yllithian had convinced them both that Vect was indeed the instigator, forcing the kabals apart before they could be a threat, Xelian had demanded a duel to satisfy her besmirched honor for the spectacle. With no alternative beside facing the consequences he had sought to avoid, Kraillach met Xelian in combat, where she defeated him severely enough to force him into an extended stay in a Haemonculus chamber for regeneration.[1b] The defeat of Kraillach and the Realm Eternal did much to boost her Kabal's reputation, and the Blades of Desire saw many gangs of Reavers and Hellions pledge themselves to her service. Despite her success and the victory over the rival kabal, her own kabal very nearly fell apart when Xelian was nearly killed during what was originally meant to be a combat exercise with her wyches, after their plot to revive El'uriaq came to fruition.[1c]

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