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Kabal of the Bloodied Claw

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Warrior Basic Data Symbol
- Kabal of the Bloodied Claw -
Archon: Akhara'Keth[2]
Colours: Dark red/black trim/silver[2]
Speciality: Unknown
Bloodied Claw Symbol.jpg
Bloodied Claw Warrior.jpg

The Kabal of the Bloodied Claw is one of the older Kabals in Commorragh, led by Akhara'Keth.[Conflicting sources] Their ranks number in the thousands, and raid daily, in order to supply their Archon with a sufficient quantity of souls to keep him relatively young.[2]

Notable Members

  • Akhara'Keth - Archon. Referred to as "Ruler of the Void" by his many subordinates, is an ancient Dark Eldar, and one who has remained in power over his Kabal despite over three hundred recorded assassination attempts. Because of his age, many in Commorragh see him as weak, but his abilities at reading people have always left him one step ahead of any who have made attempts on his life. He spends nearly all his time in the seclusion of his throne room, the large, ornate throne and seemingly meager number of Warrior bodyguards serving as little more than a ploy to try and coax would-be assassins to attack him. In the event of an attack, his throne houses an anti-grav field generator, similar to those found in Dark Eldar Vehicles, that lifts him up into a safe room above, while hidden chambers along the walls release his personal retinue of Incubi and Mandrakes to dispatch his enemies.[2]
  • Khirareq - Dracon, leader of "The Destroyers", and Akhara'Keth's current Hierarch. She is incredibly power-hungry, as are most Dark Eldar, and as such she has single-mindedly tried to climb the ranks of the Kabal throughout her career. She had at one time attempted to assassinate Akhara'Keth, but was only able to kill his previous Hierarch, a warrior named Zharokh, before her coup was stopped by Akhara'Keth's personal bodyguards. Because of her successful murder of Zharokh, she earned his position as the new Hierarch.[2]
  • Durabeli Arlehk.[3]

Conflicting sources

In the Eldar & Dark Eldar Collectors' Guide, the Kabal of the Bloodied Claw are in fact listed as one of the newer Kabals of Commorragh at only a few centuries old.[2]

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